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DIY Leather Festive Gifts | Make Your Loved Ones Feel Special

DIY Leather Festive Gifts | Make Your Loved Ones Feel Special

In the modern era of sophisticated technologies, smartphones, Augmented Reality and data driven content, advancements can be exciting. However, for many they can also quickly become overwhelming.

With Christmas gifts in mass production, and quick turnaround times with cheap labour costs many people are struggling to express their individualism in the form of giving.

This is why a new trend is starting to emerge. Rather than rejecting modern technology artisans and craftsmen are using the internet in their favour. Online stores like Etsy, alongside flourishing start-ups, have made room for high-quality one-off pieces. Many online communities exist where artists and crafters willingly share their knowledge by giving workshops, advice and DIY Craft Kits. 

A great place to start for anyone searching for the perfect Christmas gift is Leather. Leather can be made into multiple items and projects and is well known for its durability. Below is a guide to a range of DIY leather Christmas gift ideas, including personalised leather gifts for her and creative leather Christmas gift ideas.

Custom Made Leather Camera Strap

DIY Leather Camera Strap London UK

For anyone that loves to use the camera to capture life’s adventurous moments, a custom made leather camera strap can make the experience more enjoyable, branding your own identity into its design. Making your own leather strap allows for easy customisation of the length and would be the perfect DIY leather Christmas gift for any photography lover, so if that’s you or someone you know then why not make a start? 

Personalised Bracelets and Luxury Leather Watch Straps

A great gift for her, with Christmas just around the corner you can give yourself plenty of time to make a personalised leather Christmas gift for your loved one. There are so many different ways to decorate your leather gift including dying parts of the leather, adding buttons, stamps, decorative stitching of your loved ones name, adding brass or simply using high quality leather with unique blemishes if you want a more simple yet more elegant look.

Notebook Cover

DIY leather journal cover London UK

This will be an extremely memorable gift for anyone who loves to draw, write or read and we all know somebody that applies to, making this one of the most promising leather Christmas gift ideas. You can make the entire notebook by hand, sewing pages of paper to the leather. The cover can include your favourite quote in stitching as a motivator for keeping yourself creative, or can express your feelings of love and gratitude through an artistic design, making it another perfect gift for her. This gift will quickly become an everyday piece and doesn’t have to be overly dramatic in style, why not match the leather colour to her desk or combine the notebook with a pencil case to hold her favourite drawing pencils? Adding extra thought and time will make it a beautiful gift for her.

Pencil Case

The trusted pencil case, children and adults alike have always been drawn to both quirky and sophisticated pencil cases, a popular item to showcase in school and the workplace. However, with virtual working the significance of pencil cases has taken on a new importance, with more people taking pride and joy from their desks it’s no wonder the pencil case has remained valuable as we are now looking and admiring them more, making it an increasingly important DIY leather Christmas gift. 

Leather Pennant Christmas Ornaments

Christmas stars, snowflakes, Angels, and Robins are just some of the Christmas gift ideas that spring to mind when we think of Christmas decorations. Christmas leather gifts are a unique way of standing out in the crowd of mass-produced Christmas sets and gifts. Get as creative as you can, include ribbons and beads of different styles and textures or add gemstones to create a shimmer effect and watch the reflection catch the light of the glowing Christmas fire.

Nameplate Gift Tags

This leather Christmas gift idea is a must to anyone wanting to add a feeling of extravagance to their Christmas packaging. An easy and straight forward DIY leather Christmas gift, the leather allows for unisex packaging, and are easy to fix in place by either gluing them on or wrapping them around the gift with magnetic clasps. You can take it a step further and add the tags to Christmas crackers making it a great personalised leather Christmas gift.

Leather Cup Jacket

Using some simple leather working tools, you can make a great insulator jacket for your Christmas hot chocolates and pumpkin spiced lattes.  You can certainly experiment with the design on the sleeve and the stitch patterns. Maybe try stamping patterns into the leather using tools or stamps. The leather cup jacket can be made in so many variations, which is why it will be a great leather Christmas gift to all your friends and family.

Leather Keyring

DIY Leather keyring London UK

Not just for keys but for luxurious business cards and glass framed pictures to be attached. A handmade leather keyring really adds a huge amount of sentimentality and personality making you want to show your keyring to those you meet to encourage them to get hands on and creative. Great for all ages and genders, with plenty of tutorials to inspire you.

Leather Laptop Case

An ideal leather Christmas gift using either top quality or recycled leather to decide on the colour and feel of the case. If you go to a leather supplier, you’ll have more options for interesting colours, using a DIY leather kit should have all the cuts you’ll need to create a great laptop case. Add it to your leather Christmas gifts idea list so you don’t forget it, it’s sure to make someone very happy.

DIY Leather Coasters

DIY leather coaster London UK

Making stamped leather coasters is a great way to give a little update to your coffee table decor, or a wonderful DIY leather Christmas gift for a loved one. This project is surprisingly easy, and because you are stamping the letters yourself, you can customize the coasters with any words you like including fun festive ones, perhaps even a coaster addressed to Santa for the children to make.

When working with leather, Christmas gift ideas can spark a wonderful memory that will endure for years to come. Why not take some hints from these DIY leather Christmas gift ideas and go make something special for your special someone?

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