DIY Leathercraft

Easy DIY Leather Crafts Projects For Men

Easy DIY Leather Crafts Projects For Men

Often, thinking of innovative, new and personalised gifts can be both tiring and challenging. 

When it comes to those people for whom you want to show extra love and care for around the gifting season, whether it be for their birthday, Christmas or any other event, actually crafting your own gift can show that you truly care, especially as you can personalise the gift.

DIY Leather Crafts Projects For Men London UK

DIY leather crafts are some of the best ways to achieve this and are available for all different skill sets. Being able to produce your own leather goods on a mass scale all in one sitting is another benefit and will also mean you spend much less on gifts this year! Nothing could sound more perfect than being able to achieve a personalised gift that you have crafted, and they will love!

Starting a new project, and perhaps even a new hobby can be a large undertaking. However below is a list of multiple different DIY leather crafts that are perfect for beginners and are easy leather items to make.

DIY Leather Crafts Projects For Men London UK

This means you will be able to hone your craft in a rather quick time! Of course, size can be rather daunting when it comes to crafting a new leather item so there are plenty of small leather projects, as well as no sew projects, and even some projects to make with leather scraps that may be left over from a larger project. 

Practical gifts are something that everyone loves to receive. Whether they are for someone who needs slightly more organisation within their life, a craft to keep one’s technology safe, or to add some practical beauty to their house, they will surely be appreciated. When shopping for a gift for men, often style can be something that throws you off.

However, when it comes to leather gifts, their classic nature will mean that they will be appreciated by anyone, especially if you are able to customise the leather by embossing it with their initials!

DIY Leather Crafts Projects For Men London UK

Making your own leather crafts for gifts will mean that you can truly make an item that completely fits their taste, and may even match their hobbies. With so many leather crafting kits out there, the gift will truly be customisable, even down to whether you use faux leather or real leather. 

Leather iPad case

Leather camera strap

Leather luggage tag

Leather cable band organizer

Leather personalised key fob

Leather key fob

Leather laptop case

Leather tool roll

Leather tie clip

Leather passport holder

Making a beautiful leather gift is not something that should be thought of as hard. Whilst it is thought of as an expensive material, and a fabric that should be treated with care, creating something that reflects how beautiful the material is may not be as hard as you might think.

When making a leather craft, looking for the most beautiful hardware to accompany your gift is something that can really elevate the item you have made.

For example, if you are crafting a key ring as a gift, the actual metal key ring component you choose to attach your leather to is very important and can completely change the feeling and essence of what you have made!

There are many options to choose from, such as silver, gold or brass, so make sure to consider this when thinking about the person you are crafting the gift for. 

Often when it comes to men’s gifts finding something personal and an item that they may not necessarily need but is definitely welcomed be hard. When it comes to leather crafts however, creating something beautiful is ever so easy, and will be welcomed as a gift. 

Keyring, totes and notebooks are necessarily the most practical gift, but will be greatly appreciated for the added element of luxury they can bring to the recipient’s life. Below is a list of leather crafts of varying difficulty that would make the perfect gift!

Leather herb labels

Leather coasters

Leather valet tray

Leather bar tags

Leather wrapped flask

Leather magazine rack

Leather topped stump stool

Leather bound notebook

Leather tool roll

Leather moustache keyring

Leather and teak clock

So many of these DIYs are so unique, especially as they will be crafted by you.

All of these craft projects are perfect for men to delve into, and it is easy to say that if you think you would love to receive any one of these as a gift, so would any other man you know in your own life. Using these lists, as well as the information in this article will make shopping for men so much easier.

With plenty of room for customisation, leather gifts this year will be greatly appreciated. There are an abundance of leather DIY craft kits available online, which come with everything you need to make the perfect leather project that can be gifted!

Unlike anything else, .Ar:ti|sans leathercrafting kit is not only beginner friendly but keeps all the essence of leathercrafting to its core. Start you leathercraft journey with the basics and learn your way to crafting master pieces. Get started with a few of our leathercrafting kits here.

Leather Eyeglasses Kit

Leather CardHolder Kit

Leather Passport Holder Kit


This is the year to add that extra care into your gifts, and really show that personal aspect in your gifting.