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10 Craft Clubs to Join in London

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10 Craft Clubs to Join in London

Over the years, the United Kingdom has matured into providing conducive conditions for the growth of crafts. We've, thus, developed into a haven for artists. Craft clubs set up across the UK are an integral part of this development. 

In this article, we’ve put together some of the most interactive and creative crafts clubs in the UK. Plus how these craft clubs encourage us to indulge in DIY craft ideas. Further, we’ll go over some of the numerous benefits that arts and DIY crafts have on our overall well-being. And why craft clubs are becoming increasingly essential elements in our social fabric.

Here's the List of 10 Best Craft Clubs In London 

You can’t emulate or elaborately articulate the feeling you experience when you indulge in a craft DIY. Creating something out of your own hands, in which you invest your own time and effort, is truly priceless. In addition to the immersive experience, crafts provide a therapeutic effect for adults- a stress release outlet.  

Below are some of the most immersive and experiential craft classes and craft clubs in London that you must visit if you’re a craft enthusiast. 

Coffee, Cake, And Crafting

As the name suggests, the club is a conglomerate of the three activities that participants indulge in while interacting. The Coffee, Cake, and Crafting is a monthly creative space that organises workshops to learn new skills and a plethora of craft-related activities. 

We Make Things - Creative Exploration - Intuitive Art-Crafts

Organised by Mirna Poppy, this craft club serves as the ideal destination for any individual looking to indulge in the arts. You get to engage in a remarkable creative journey and experience creative means of expression like that of intuitive art therapy, meditation via art, and so forth. 

Kent Craft Meetup

Here's a meetup for women of all ages in the Southeast London/Kent area who love the craft. The Kent Craft Meetup is a great craft community to interact with like-minded people while indulging in DIY crafts. 

The best part? You don’t need to have any prior experience in crafts to attend the events held at the club. 

Craft activities such as making cards, gift boxes, paper flowers, scrapbooking, jewellery, bead-weaving, knitting, and crochet are regularly organised. 

North London Stitch Up

If you’re looking to venture into the field of knitting and crochet, then this is the perfect club for you. The North London Stitch Up meets at The Swiss Cottage Library Cafe every Saturday afternoon. Here, members indulge in knitting, post which each of their works is presented. Whatever be your stitching ability, the best part about the club is that you don’t need to have any expertise in the niche. 

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Cornerstone HubCrafts

A group that meets on the third Saturday of every month to spend a couple of hours socialising and crafting, HubCrafts is a haven for craft enthusiasts. Whether you indulge in knitting, crochet, sewing, or just enjoy the crafts, this club provides you with an ideal opportunity to meet and interact with creative individuals.

Thus, if you’re a complete beginner or want to learn something new, the craft club makes sure that an experienced crafter is by your side to help you out. 

London Craft & Chat

If you’re someone who enjoys crafts and wants to interact with similar people sharing the same passions, then the London Craft & Chat craft club is ideal for you. People interested in pursuing crafts such as knitting, sewing, crochet, stitching, and so forth are all welcome at this craft club. 

Stitch & Story - Beginners' Knitting Workshop With Cakes

Is it your first time knitting? Or are you looking for company while completing that knitting project you started a while ago? The Stitch & Story craft club is one you should visit. 

All the paraphernalia you require to practice knittings, such as wool and needles, is given to you. 

And here comes the sweet truth! 

While you indulge in some DIY crafts learning how to knit and purl, there is an assortment of cakes available at the craft club that you can purchase. 

The London Crochet Meetup

If your interests lie mainly in crochet and you’re looking for a craft club that exhaustively serves the purpose, then the London Crochet Meetup is the perfect choice for you. This craft club provides you with an opportunity to meet fellow crocheters where you can become an active part of crochet discussions like comparing patterns, sharing techniques, and so forth. 

Art London Meetup Group

The Art London Meetup Group serves as the ideal craft club for practising artists, intermediates, and beginners to get together and to hone their skills. Further, the craft club features a range of regular classes. These classes revolve around life drawing, portrait drawing, oil drawing, watercolour drawing and more. All to help you develop and mature as an artist both professionally and creatively.

London Makers

The London Makers craft club provides an opportunity for craft enthusiasts to indulge in woodturning, box making, metalworking, textiles, and 3D printing. It provides you with an outlet to access technology that you otherwise wouldn’t have had an opportunity to get your hands on. Thus, whether you’re someone who wants to spread a message through craft or are just looking for a new hobby or even a social outlet, London Makers equips you with all the means to do so.  

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So why wait? 

Participants of a craft community, in general, are found to experience a significant increase in their overall wellbeing. How? Well, as a consequence of the reduction in stress and anxiety. Craft activities help an individual to improve their mood via a multi-sensory engagement of repetitive actions. 

These activities are also known to release neurotransmitters that promote joy and well-being while reducing stress hormones. This is why these craft clubs in the UK are gaining increasing importance in the construct of our societies. 

So what are you waiting for? Visit a craft club near you and get started with the immersive experience that craft activities have to offer.