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Complete List of Meaningful Gifts | Father’s Day Craft Gifts

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Complete List of Meaningful Gifts | Father’s Day Craft Gifts

Getting your dad a father’s gift is often one of the most challenging tasks to do during the year. Of course, you can buy an expensive gift for your father from any online stores or luxury kiosks. However, these Father's Day craft gifts come nowhere close to the emotional experience of a special father’s day DIY gift. 

Father’s day craft gifts can be baffling for people who’ve never crafted anything before. But that’s no reason not to pick up crafting. Here you’ll find a list of easy to moderate DIY crafts to help you get started on a craft gift for your dad. The list also contains some DIY kits that make it even easier for you to dive into DIY crafting. 

Father’s day craft kit gift for dad from Son

DIY drink koozie

A drink koozie will help your dad hold a chilled can or beverage bottle without freezing his hands off. Of course, you can get one from the market. But, if you want to get thoughtful father’s day gifts, you should make these yourself. 

You’ll need-

Sewing machine

2 types of cotton fabrics 

Insulated lining 





First, measure the fabrics and the insulated lining and cut them to size. Press these together and iron them to remove any creases. Now, it’s time to layer them. Place the first fabric facing you and then the second one on top of it, facing down. Place the insulated lining on the top part and clip them using clothing pins. The order might seem wrong, but it’s a sewing technique to hide the excess clothes. 

Use the sewing machine to stitch three sides of the beverage holder. After it’s done, put your hands where the two fabrics meet each other and pull it inside out. This will ensure that the insulator stays between them. Place the velcro in the right places and stitch them together. Your DIY father’s gift is now ready. 

DIY personalised spatula

If your father loves cooking and flipping things, he’s sure to love this gift. A personalised spatula is going to make your father feel appreciated. Every time he cooks using the spatula, he’ll be thinking about how much you love him. This makes it one of the better craft gifts for dad.

To make the spatula, you’ll need-

A wooden spatula

Sketch pens or acrylic colours

Mod Podge



Use the scissors to remove the rubber grip from the handles. Do it carefully without scratching the wooden handle. Rub it down and remove the waterproof coating with the sandpaper. This step will help the paint stick to the handle properly. Now, paint the handle with the colour of your choice and let it dry. Draw tiny hearts and write sweet messages for your dad using the marker pens. After it dries, coat the entire handle with Mod Podge to protect the paint and make the handle waterproof. Let it dry and wrap it up post that. 

DIY canvas tool apron

For fathers who prefer spending more time in their garage or workshop, this DIY canvas tool apron will come in handy. This multi-purpose apron will hold all his tools and reduce the chances of him misplacing it. This is one of the easier handmade gifts for dad that you can create with moderate crafting skills. 

You’ll need-

Waxed canvas fabric

Sewing machine



A small strip of leather

Cut a large piece of the waxed canvas big enough to cover three-fourths of his waist. Now, fold the corners of the fabric to hide the cut marks and stitch them together to create the borders of the DIY canvas tool apron. Cut a smaller piece of the fabric, and sew it on the apron. Make sure to stitch only three sides of the smaller fabric and use it to create the pockets for the tools. You can either leave it like that or add more stitches to create more pockets. Add the leather strip that’s wide enough to hold the hammer. Finally, add the ropes on the sides of the canvas to finish your gift. Your father will be enamoured when he opens the gift wrappers to see this tool apron. 

DIY Bottlecap fishing lures

It’s pretty tricky to come up with surprise DIY dad gifts ideas. But, worry not, here’s one of the easier DIY dad gifts you can create on this day. It’s a bottlecap fishing lure for the fathers that want to become sailors during the weekends. While this is one of the easier DIY crafts, there are a lot of sharp edges and pointy things involved. Therefore, kids should not attempt this project without adult assistance. 

You’ll need-

Bottle caps

Swivel snaps connectors 

Treble hooks 

Split rings

Start by squeezing the caps with your fingers. This should give it a clam-like structure. Now, drill a hole right at the end, where the caps are pinched. In some cases, you might need to flatten the ends to make it easier to drill the holes. You can either use a drilling machine or a hammer and nail to make the holes. Now, insert the split rings into them. Attach the treble hooks to one side, and swivel snap connector to the other side. Your fish lure is now ready. This is one of the easiest things to make for your dad on this list. 

DIY Bottle opener game

If you want to take up something more challenging, you can create a DIY bottle opener game for your dad. Your dad will enjoy inviting his friends over for brunch so he can play this game and share a drink with his friends. This is one of the most engaging and thoughtful father’s day gifts. You’ll need some experience with tools to do this DIY project. 

You’ll need-

Wooden slabs 

Wooden planks 

Wood glue




Plastic covering

To make it easier for you, download any construction plan from the internet to guide you with the measurements and dimensions. Cut the planks and the slabs according to the correct dimensions. Use glue to stick them together. Then, clamp them together and leave them to dry. Once the open crate dries, rub some resin on top of the wood to give it a shine and let it dry for a day. After that, measure where you want to put the nails to create the maze and mark those areas with a pencil. 

Add some small wooden pieces to make the pockets for the caps. Now, use the plastic sheet to cover half of the gaming board. Drill the holes and start attaching the nails to create the maze. Finally, add the decals to the bottle cap opener game, and attach the bottle cap opener to the wood to complete this project. Your dad is undoubtedly going to be thrilled to open this present.

DIY Leather card holder

leather gifts for fathers day

Craft gifts for dad need not be complicated and fancy to impress your dad. If you want to gift something essential and valuable to your dad, you can give him an Artisans DIY leather cardholder. A leather cardholder brings a certain elegance that regular plastic cardholders simply can’t match.

You’ll need-

Artisans DIY simple leather card holder kit 

The kit includes-

2 larger pockets

Pre-cut leather 

Waxed threads

Silver keyring loop

The pre-cut leather also comes with holes punched in them. You just have to align the pouches and stitch them together using a needle and the waxed threads. The completed leather cardholder is big enough to hold 5 cards. In addition to that, you can convert the thread holder into a keyring using the silver keyring hoop that’s included in the kit. 

DIY Leather Glass case

gifts for dad fathers day

For dads obsessed with eyewear, Artisans presents a DIY leather glass case. You can buy the kit and craft the glass case before gifting it to him. Or you can give the kit to your dad as it is. Later, he can put the glass case together to use it. Artisans also offer a chance to personalise the leather glass case. 

You’ll need -

Artisans DIY leather glass case kit.

The kit includes-

Pre-cut, Italian and Vegan leather 

Waxed threads

Silver keyring hoop 

Since the leather comes pre-cut, you only have to stitch it together to create the case. You can just gift wrap it before presenting it to your dad. You can also personalise it by etching your dad’s name on the glass case. Lastly, like all the kits by Artisans, this one also comes with a free leather keyring kit. 

Father’s day gift for dad from Daughter

DIY Grilling Apron

Personalised gifts for dad are sure to bring happy tears to his eyes. There’s no better gift than a personalised grilling apron for all the dads who love taking out their barbecues during their off days. There are websites where you can order personalised aprons for your dad. Or you can make it yourself to make it more thoughtful and heartwarming. 

You’ll need-


Sewing machine



Fire-resistant fabric or any denim fabric

Softer fabric for the lining

Safety pins 

Start measuring and cutting the fabrics according to the apron’s measurements. You can either get the dimensions from the internet or use one of his old aprons to get the measurements. Once the pieces are ready, use safety pins to hold the two fabrics together. Stitch them using the sewing machine. You can use the technique mentioned in the DIY drink koozie section to ensure the uneven cuts are well hidden. Or you can just fold them and stitch them together to hide the imperfections. 

Now, add the straps to the apron using the same fire-resistant fabric. You can even add extra fabrics to the apron to create pockets for the spatulas and tasting spoons. You can personalise the apron if you’ve good sewing skills by writing your dad’s favourite grill puns. 

DIY Snack tin 

DIY gifts for dads from kids should be simple and easy to craft. Some of the crafts mentioned above might require a few skills and tools that kids may not have access to. So, this DIY snack tin is for those daughters who want to gift their dad on Father’s day but have no idea what to do. 

You’ll need-

A tin box




Acrylic colours 

Snacks. A lot of snacks. 

Paint the tin box with the acrylic colours of your choice. You don’t have to paint the lid since you’ll be pasting the paper on top of it. Take a printout of an attractive design for the snack box, or print any Father’s day greetings on the paper. Use the scissors to cut the paper according to the size of the lid. Paste the paper on the lid using glue, and trim any excess paper. Now, just fill the tin box with snacks and give it to your dad. 

DIY Candy dispenser

This DIY project is for the dads with a sweet tooth. This project can be done within 30 mins, or it can take up to a day, depending on the materials you’re using for this project. The DIY project uses cardboard cutouts to make the candy dispenser accessible to a larger crowd. However, you’re free to use materials like wood and metal to create one for your dad. 

You’ll need-


Paper cutter 





There are a lot of interpretations of the candy dispenser. But, fundamentally, you can divide it into three parts- candy holder, candy drawer and the base that holds it together. First, create a cardboard base with two holes for the drawer and the candy holder. You can use a small plastic container with a lid to hold the candies. Just drill a hole on the lid big enough to let the candies pass through. Then, put a cardboard slider on the lid to open and close the hole. Turn the contraption upside-down and attach it to the cardboard base. Create a small cardboard drawer that fits into the hole created in the base. Assemble it, and your DIY project is ready. You can even paint the whole thing to make it even more attractive. Remember to fill the plastic bottle with candies before gifting it.

DIY Leather mason jar sleeve

A leather mason jar holder is a classy and practical father’s day gift. Creating this is fairly simple, and you can do it even if you’ve just started working with leather. Moreover, some of the steps are similar to the DIY drink koozie. 

You’ll need-





Leather needles 

Snap fasteners

Wrap the leather piece around the mason jar and mark its width with a marker pen. Do the same with the height of the mason jar. Careful trim the excess leather. Use a pencil to draw the design of the cutouts you want to do on the leather sleeve. During this time, mark the areas where you want to insert the leather handles. Use the knife to clear these sections and scrap the leather to create any designs of your choice. Now, slip in another piece of leather to act as handles. Stitch the ends of the leather together, and you’ve made your father a fantastic leather mason jar sleeve. 

DIY Grill set holder

Here’s another DIY dad gift for fathers who love to grill during the warm summer afternoons. Your dad will be more than happy to have a grill set holder to hold all his cutleries while they are not in use. 

You’ll need-

Wooden planks

A hammer 


Paint the wooden plank with acrylic colours of your choice. You can even create designs and write little good wishes for your dad. Alternatively, you can use spray paints to design the grill set holder. Now, just put in the nails that will act as hangers. Or, you can get smaller wooden stumps and stick them on the plank to act as holders. You just have to wrap it and present it to your dad. 

DIY Leather keyring

You can never go wrong with gifting a leather keyring to your dad. It’s simple and classy. On top of that, since the gift is handmade, your dad will timelessly appreciate the time and effort that you put into this.

You’ll need-

Artisans DIY leather keyring set.

The kit contains-

Binder clips 

Vegan, Italian leather

Waxed threads

2 canvas cloths

1 silver keyring hoop

If your dad likes DIY crafts, you can gift him an Artisans kit as it is. The leather comes pre-cut, so you don’t have to worry about designing and cutting parts. The holes are also punched through the leather to make it easier for you to assemble the whole thing within a few hours. Just pass the leather piece through the silver keyring and align the holes together. Stitch them using the waxed threads included in the kit. Your keyring is now ready for gifting. 

DIY Passport Holder 

If your dad likes to travel then you can gift him a DIY leather passport holder. The passport holder is unique and essential. However, creating a leather passport holder from scratch might be difficult for those that don’t have prior experience with leather crafting. Therefore, Artisans prepared the perfect DIY leather passport holder kit for you to start your leather crafting journey and make easy father’s day crafts. 

You’ll need-

DIY leather passport kit from Artisans

The kit contains-

Pre-cut leathers

2 binder clips

Coloured wax threads

3 canvas cloths

1 Silver keyring loop 

The kit also comes with a detailed guide to help you through the process. The steps are pretty easy to follow. Place all the parts of the passport and check if the holes align. Use the binder clips to hold the different parts while stitching them together using the waxed threads. Artisans also allow you to personalise the passport on their website. You can either etch the first name or your dad's initials on the passport holder. Like all the other Artisans kits, this one also contains a free leather keyring. 

Final Words... 

DIY gifts for dad will always hold a special place in his heart. It’s not the gift itself, but the effort that makes this package remarkable. Going through the list of father’s day craft gifts should be enough to inspire you to create one of these for your dad. Yes, DIY crafts can be daunting, so Artisan’s craft kits come with pre-cut leather and detailed instruction to help you with the craft. 

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