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Create A Classic Personalised Leather Wallet For Her

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Create A Classic Personalised Leather Wallet For Her

Genuine and meaningful relationships enrich all aspects of our lives. And gifts are a beautiful means to acknowledge and cherish these relationships.

Many people claim that giving gifts in a relationship is unnecessary as it induces materialism into the equation. This can be true if done excessively and for the wrong reasons. But heartfelt gifts are one of the most effective ways to shower your partner with appreciation. 

This brings us to the question, do you know what makes gifts truly special? It’s not how much it costs. It’s the effort and time you put into making it. This notion may sound cliche, but handmade gifts like personalised women’s wallets are the remembrance and appreciation of one’s love. The efforts you put into making your partner feel loved is what makes the gift like personalised wallets truly special and timeless.

Leatherctrafting offers various DIY projects that you can indulge in to create unique gifts for your loved ones. Via this article, we’re going to introduce you to how you can create a personalised leather wallet for her and etch into them cherishable memories of moments you’ve spent together. Believe us, this is going to be the best wallet for women she’ll ever have because of the time and efforts you put into its making.

What Is A Personalised Leather Wallet?

The very term ‘personalised’ means to indulge in something according to the liking and preferences of a single person. Thus, a personalised leather wallet is nothing but a stitched small wallet for women, keeping in mind her personality traits and tastes. The best part about such a personalised wallet is that no two wallets will ever be the same as no two individuals are identical in terms of qualities and quirks. From the choice of base leather, the materials to be used and the colour of the thread used for stitching, you can customise the designer wallet as per the aesthetic tastes of the recipient.  

leather wallet

Create A Personalised Leather Wallet For Her

Did you know that there’s a range of customised leather wallets for women specifically designed keeping in mind their requirements? Designs like tri-fold, wristlet, wallet on a string, clutch wallet, slim wallet, and so forth are some of the most common leather wallet designs for women. Thus, before you think about stitching customised wallets for her, you need to first decide which category of personalised leather wallet you want to make.  

As a bi-fold wallet is ubiquitous among women of all ages, hence as an example, we take you through the process of making the same. 


Before starting the actual procedure, you need to gather all the things required for leathercrafting. The list of things that you need to keep in handy are:

  • Leather: Use genuine grade leather for crafting personalised wallets for her; it’s the best. It takes care of 2 fundamental expectations - budget-friendliness and longevity.
  • Measurement Tools: A ruler will be required for measuring the dimensions of the bi-fold wallet.
  • Awl: To craft holes for ease in the leatherworking procedure.
  • Sewing tools: We recommend a sewing machine for better and clean results.
  • Adhesive: An adhesive that first to decide will help put together the various pieces of base leather. 
  • Leather cutting and finishing tools: Leather knives and finishing tools like beeswax and sandpaper are required. 
  • Your creativity: This is perhaps the most essential ingredient that you need to equip yourself with

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  • Dimensions and tracing: Ideally, a typical bifold wallet is of sizes 9”*3-½”. Trace down a rectangle around the above measurements and cut the piece down with the help of your leather knife. 
  • Markings for bi-fold: As per our dimensions, make the markings of about 2” from each corner. These are the points along which you have to fold the leather piece for creating two compartments. 
  • Design on the smaller sides: You can use a coin to make a semi-circular or heart-shaped design on the smaller sides of the rectangular piece. It’s all your creativity. 
  • Finish the pointed corners: Finish the sharp corners with the help of a coin and leather knife. 
  • Smoothen the edges: Apply beeswax to the perimeter of the rectangular piece and smoothen the edges with sandpaper to make a harmless product. However small the harm is, you don’t want your partner to get hurt from your gift.
  • Stick and make two compartments: Make the folds and the markings and stick them parallel to the remaining surface. 
  • Sew the folds permanently: Use the awl for crafting holes around two of the folds. After this, sew the folds permanently, your bi-fold women leather wallet is ready. 

She can use it for storing her cards in place, keeping coins, and other things.

If you need further guidance and video representation of the process, here’s an exhaustive video that outlines the entire process. 

Tips And Reminders

  1. Remember that you’re crafting a gift for your partner, so design a wallet that compliments her personality. 
  2. Go for the colour she loves, rather than stereotyping the wallet with shades of pink.  
  3. Use pyrography to print some text on the wallet. If you wish to print something special, you may choose her birthdate, and if you want something sweet and simple, go for her initials.
  4. You can use your personalised leather wallet to propose to her by putting on a diamond ring for a surprise. Believe us, she's going to love this. You can thank us later. 
  5. Take help from a leathercraft professional if you know someone, especially when embellishing the edges and so forth. 

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Unique Gift Idea...

Gifts are one of the most effective ways to communicate our feelings to our loved ones via a physical form. A gift backed by your emotion, efforts, and time is priceless and is the best materialistic thing you can gift someone. 

Leathercraft products offer one of the best ways to ensure that your love and affection shines through in your gift. Note that the tutorial for personalised wallets is just one of the many ways you can indulge in making a personalised leather wallet. The outline, as mentioned earlier, is purely for your reference, and you’re free to use your creativity in creating the perfect leather wallet gift for your partner, as it’s you who knows your partner the best.

We, at Artisans, understand the value of love and relationships, which is why we offer our holistic DIY leathercraft kits that help you cherish the people you love. Explore the plethora of possibilities that handmade leathercraft DIYs offer you.