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7 Best Sewing Classes in London!


7 Best Sewing Classes in London!

Many of us find ourselves interested in sewing courses to expedite our learning. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced craftsman, hardly matters. A skilled artisan may benefit significantly from the assistance of a teacher who teaches the craft, but the same holds for someone who is just starting in the sewing niche. 

Consider this. Instead of working with someone else's sewing patterns, wouldn’t it be nice to possess a skill set that encourages you to stitch your personalised designs into your apparel? 

With various diverse applications for the art, you should consider what you want to learn to sew for, how you want to learn it, and how much money you need to invest in it. Sewing classes aren’t necessarily for craft enthusiasts, even individuals in related niches can take them up. For example, interior designers can draw inspiration from their learnings in sewing classes. 

In this article, we bring to you some of the best sewing classes in the UK and sewing courses that’ll help you hone your sewing abilities and give you a plethora of craft ideas whether you’re looking to pursue a career in sewing or want to equip yourself with an additional skill set. 

Best Sewing Classes In London

Keeping in mind the immersive experience of sewing, we’ve put together a list of sewing courses for beginners offered in the UK that provided an enhanced sewing experience. 

Sew Much Fun

Located in Blockhouse Bay, Sew Much Fun caters to teaching sewing to all age groups- from young children to adults. In addition to teaching the basics of sewing, they also ensure that the recipient of the class imbibes essential life skills such as patience, problem-solving, and perseverance. 

With a structured coursework outline, these sewing classes are designed in a way that keeps you engaged for hours on end. 


  • For children from 7 to 17 years of age: $20 for a one-hour course and $30 for two hours. 
  • For adults of over 17 years, $25 for a one-hour course and $45 for two hours. 

Mobile Art Club


This class is organised by a craft community club with prior experience organising sewing sessions for primary schools located all over London. Thus, Mobile Art Club’s workshops are as intensive as those offered by a school curriculum. The classes are focused on a learning experience and how one can enhance their skills in the niche of sewing.

Their offerings include -

  • Term time classes- These classes are limited to 6 students per group.
  • Adult classes
  • School workshops
  • Summer Camps
  • Online sessions.


  • 1 - 4 years old: GBP 93
  • 5 - 12 years old: GBP 132
  • Teens: GBP 132

Thread The Needle Workshop

sewing class

If you’re looking to enhance your skill and pursue a career leveraging a skill set you love, then this course is the perfect fit for you. With a plethora of classes to choose from, Thread The Needle Workshop provides an interactive student-teacher environment. You’ll learn the basics of using a sewing machine, in due course of time, you’ll become a master operator of the same. 


  • Block Booking: GBP 65 valid for three months.
  • Skirt Payment Plan: GBP 25 every week for three weeks.
  • Silver membership: GBP 100 every month

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Stitches Academy

sewing classes uk

Held at Upper Mulgrave Road in Surrey, Stitches Academy offers weekly classes for teens, adults, and even young children. They focus on opening various avenues via equipping you with design skills, problem-solving abilities, communication and everything in between. Thus they help their students grow holistically. 

Additionally, they consider your specific needs, like wanting to perfect a particular type of sewing pattern and provide for adjustments to help support the same. 


  • 1-hour classes: GBP 10.50 per class.
  • 1.5-hour classes: GBP 13 per class
  • Hand sewing classes: GBP 7,75 per class

Sew It With Love

sewing classes london

A creative sewing studio founded by Elena Pintus back in 2014, Sew It With Love offers intensive sewing classes and dressmaking courses. What makes this sewing class so unique and interactive is that they also provide one-to-one sessions based on your ability. This is, therefore, one of the best sewing classes in London, with professional tutors from the fashion industry niche. 

To help you better understand your level of expertise in sewing, they have curated various courses as per the following - 

  • Sewing Courses for beginners who were never into sewing before.
  • Intermediates who have hand hands-on experience before.
  • People who have different preferences and abilities. 


  • Their beginner class starts from GBP 45 up to GBP 220.
  • Advanced beginner class starts at GBP 110.

Sew What

An independently owned workshop set up in a garden studio in Wimbledon, Sew What offers many sewing courses that you can choose from. From informal one-to-one sessions to more intensive sewing sessions, they provide the classes per your expertise in sewing. 

They have successfully taught sewing to over 2500 children and 5000 adults. Don’t the numbers speak for themselves?

With classes that run from Wednesdays to Fridays, Sew What can accommodate a maximum of 5 people in a class to give individual attention to all the students. 


  • GBP 95 for five classes
  • GBP 35 for 1 class

Final Words...

The above-listed sewing classes in the UK are sure to further your sewing abilities. Not only is sewing an engaging hobby, but it also provides many benefits. Learning to sew will improve your hand-eye coordination, whether you sew with a needle, by hand, or with a machine. The more you practice, the more proficient you’ll become, and these classes provide you with the perfect opportunity to get a hands-on experience of sewing. 

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