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Best Men’s Card Holders and Wallets to Buy in 2021

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Best Men’s Card Holders and Wallets to Buy in 2021

If you're in the corporate world, a lasting first impression can make a world of a difference. From helping you convert potential clients into recurring sales to allowing you to hold your own in a business meeting, landing an impactful first impression is essential. 

Premium leather wallets are one of the most impactful ways to create a lasting first impression. Therefore, you need to pick out a wallet that’s reflective of your personality. 

Contrary to popular belief, the purchase of a wallet should be well thought out. Pure aesthetics should not drive your purchase; functionality and design should play a vital role in the process. 

In the winter, for example, when you're wearing a heavy coat, a heftier wallet that you can hoard in your pocket may work for you, whereas the summer requires a more comfortable and snug fit. 

Therefore, numerous factors go into purchasing a wallet that’s just the right one for you. 

Through this article, we bring a list of premium wallets that you can choose from depending on your daily needs. Whether you don't use cash that often or are someone who requires a sturdy wallet for everyday use, we’ve you covered.

5 Best Men's Card Holders & Wallets 2021 

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of understanding your wallet's purpose. 

Are you someone that hoards receipts and vouchers or you’re a devout minimalist? 

Are you looking for a wallet design that supports contactless payments, or are you a cash hoarder? 

Some wallets cater specifically to every requirement, the only aspect being that you’ve to be precise in how you use your wallet. 

Fortunately, we've scoured the internet and accumulated an array of premium leather wallets for you to choose from.


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#1: Artisans Leather Card Holder


Artisans DIY leather craft cardholder kit London UK


If you're looking for a premium leather wallet that’s not only aesthetic but also functional and sturdy, then you may have found the perfect wallet. Artisans brings you an elegantly crafted leather card holder that oozes style and finesse. 

Despite the superior finish, the leather cardholder is competitively priced. Thus, you can get yourself a premium leather wallet even if you’re on a budget. 

The Artisans premium leather cardholder also serves as the ideal gift for your loved ones. The supreme finish and immaculate quality of stitching are sure to get heads turning, which is what makes it such a thoughtful and wholesome gift idea. You can even go further and create a personalised gift by getting the initials of your loved one engraved in the front of the wallet.

Additionally, if you're a leathercrafting enthusiast and looking to craft a customised DIY leather wallet, Artisans has the resources for you. 

Artisans provides you with a DIY leather cardholder kit that empowers you to design your wallet just as you like it. This also means you can get a premium quality wallet at a competitive price as you’re customising the wallet yourself. The kit consists of three colours of Italian vegetable tanned leathers to choose from. Paired with a stitch colour of your choice, you can create a wallet reflective of your aesthetic liking. 

Thus, the premium leather cardholder provided by Artisans is truly remarkable in terms of versatility apart from its supreme aesthetics. Go ahead and get yourself this immaculate leather wallet and rest assured of its quality and longevity. 


#2: Aspinal of London Men's Leather Card Wallet


Aspinal of London Black leather Mens cardholder wallet London UK

If you're looking for a premium leather design that’s sleek and intricate, this leather wallet from Aspinal of London may be the one for you. 

It boasts a sleek design that’ll complement your style and serve as a perfect wallet that you can keep within your jackets or trousers' pockets. In terms of space, it can easily accommodate up to six credit cards. 

Additionally, a signature shield rivet at the front of this credit card holder adds magnificence that will help you create a lasting first impression. 

#3: Bellroy Classic Leather Wallet


Bellroy classic leather mens wallet London UK


This leather wallet from the Australian manufacturer Bellroy is ideally suited for you if you require a sturdy and functional wallet for your travels. With a sleek leather finish, space for  2 passports, 4-8 cards, cash, and boarding passes, it's a reliable wallet that gets the job done without making any flashy statements.

Notably, this wallet has a leather divider that organises your travel documents and hides cash. It also comes with a micro pen. Therefore, if you've been putting off replacing your wallet on the pretence that it’s still functional, this wallet could change that perception. Not only is it functional and durable, but it’s also value for money.

Isn't that just the most functional and premium leather wallet design?


#4: Smythson Men's Wallet For Travel


Smythson Men's Black Leather Wallet For Travel

If you're someone who travels frequently and needs a wallet to store the foreign currency notes, then this travel wallet by Cue Smythson may pique your interest. This spacious wallet will help you keep all your travel-related documents- passports, visas and business cards. 

It serves as the perfect organiser for your documents as it has multiple labelled compartments and credit card slots. So the next time you're on your travels, you’ll not have to ruffle through your wallet when you need to produce a document. 

Therefore, this premium leather crafted wallet serves as the perfect travel accessory and what's more, it has an exquisite finish. 


#5: Harber London Premium Leather Minimalist Wallet

If you're someone who dislikes filling your wallet to the brim and likes to keep things simple, this minimalistic leather wallet may be a perfect choice for you. This ultra-slim alternative to large wallets is equipped with a small side pocket that can be used to hold cash receipts in addition to the main sleeve to hold a few credit cards. 

The selling point of this leather wallet is that it takes up very little space in your pocket and also has a magnetic closure system. 

In terms of aesthetics and designs, this minimalistic leather wallet is designed in Spain using full grain vegetable tanned cowhide leather and thus assures you of premium quality.  Additionally, it has RFID wallet protection so that your credit card information is further kept safe from any potential theft and misuse. 


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As highlighted in the article, your wallet plays a significant role in creating a lasting first impression. Therefore, purchasing a leather wallet must be given more thought than it’s usually given. 

If you're a leathercrafting enthusiast, you’ll be well aware of the magisterial properties of leather. We, at Artisans, further empower you to explore the world of leathercrafting through hands-on experiences via DIY templates and other online resources. Being pioneers in leathercrafting, we’ve established an exhaustive online resource that serves as the one-stop solution for all your leathercrafting queries.


Additionally, our in-house leather craftsmen are renowned for creating some of the most premium quality leather products that are available in the leather markets of the UK. Artisans was founded to deliver an unparalleled quality of leather products in the UK and provide a full range of leathercrafting solutions - leather products bags, briefcases and wallets. 


Visit our website and get your hands on our custom made leather crafted handmade products.


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