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30 Best Craft Books for Creative Activities

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30 Best Craft Books for Creative Activities

Imagination is a virtue that makes human beings stand apart from all other species. Our ability to picture and visualise things has driven our society to make discoveries and inventions and eventually made our lives more comfortable. These technological advancements and artistic masterpieces are the results of our imagination and thinking. 

Creativity and imagination are two virtues that go together hand in hand. They’re fundamentally so complementary that it’s meaningless to picture one without the other. However, in today’s times, we’ve started to take our ability of imagination for granted. 

Thus, to make people cherish their priceless ability of creativity, we’ve put together this article which goes over a list of craft books for creativity. These creative craft ideas and DIY crafts will stimulate your creativity and imagination, and thus open up avenues in your mind that will lead you to a whole new world. So without further ado, let’s get straight into the list.

Best Craft Books for creative enthusiasts

Looking for craft books in the UK? Here’s a list of craft book ideas. You can find these creative craft books online. 

365 days of creativity

This craft book is a complete blend of daily exercises that you can take up to build your creativity and imagination. It contains multiple exercises to aid your journey towards creative exploration. 

Creative kittens

This is a colouring book consisting of beautiful landscapes, scenic beauties, flower outlines and so forth for you to fill with colours. Taking it up will surely be an unparalleled learning opportunity in your creative journey.

A complete guide to modern calligraphy

The way you write is fundamental as it tells a lot about you and your qualities. Calligraphy in itself is an art, and this book includes the latest advancements in the field. We encourage you to give this book a shot to explore your writing. 

You’re strong, smart, and you got this

It’s a craft book that promotes art therapy for mental-health-related issues. Regardless, this book provides excellent insights into mental health and is great for your overall well being. 

100 Easy Autumn Adult Coloring Book

Colouring is an activity that opens up the creative pores of your imagination. Well, in this book, you can find over 100 easy autumn-related figures and drawings. Looking to  indulge in colouring and get acquainted with your creativity? This is the perfect resource. 

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Draw every day, draw every way

In this book, Jennifer Lewis takes you on a journey of 365 days. In these days, you get a chance to draw something different and unique every day. The tutorials included in the book are going to boost your creativity and imagination in an unparalleled manner.

The daily artist

The author of this book aims at helping you develop arts and crafts as a habit. Indulge in a variety of creative activities and let yourself immerse in the creative journey. 

642 things to draw

By including numerous activities and outlines, this art and craft book allows you to expand the horizon of your creative imagination. Drawing regularly is also known to improve your hand-eye coordination. Worth it, right?

Doodle a day

With 250 great drawing prompts, this book encourages you to draw every day. Once you’ve taken up this activity, there’s no doubt in our minds that you’ll be back for more. You're sure to fall in love with the creative journey you’ve embarked on.

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Conscious Creativity: Look. Connect. Create

This book will make you fall in love with ordinary, everyday things you witness all around you and increase your creative boundaries to greater widths. 

Draw your day

In this book, the author provides you with her own learning experiences. She shows how you can effectively use your creative side in drawing something more appealing, realistic and engaging.

Creative 365

This book enables you to take up various crafting and drawing activities. These will serve as an anchor for your creativity and imagination. Further, indulging in the activities of this book will help you to integrate drawing into your everyday schedule. 

Hirameki: Draw what you see

This book is a beautiful mix of outlines and activities that catalyse your imagination and doodling. In the 190 pages that this book is made up of, you’ll be thrilled to see the various activities that you were missing out on. 

Art Journalling

This book provides you with insights into the art of journaling. It also shows how you can integrate this activity using everyday objects all around you. With insightful suggestions, techniques, and developments that the book has to offer, you’ll surely get benefitted. 

Journal Sparks

As the name suggests, this book will help you build a habit of journaling and will assist you in exploring and building your artistic side. 

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A big important Artist

 Looking for a hands-on and immersive experience? With 30 creative projects that include 5 of the best projects from the author, this is a craft book you must take up.

Inspired by trees: creative workbook

Getting inspiration from nature and trees is always a therapeutic stimulus. Visualising the calm of nature gives a soothing feeling. To further complement your relationship with nature, use this workbook to push your imagination to unthinkable heights. 

50 ways to draw your beautiful, ordinary life

It’s always important to cherish what you have in your life. This book further helps accentuate what you’ve got by stimulating a state of mindfulness while drawing. Looking for inspiration? Take up this book to get inspired daily. 

How to draw: Draw and sketch anything

Take up this book to learn the very basics of crafting and drawing. This book is highly recommended for someone new to the niche of arts and crafts. 

The Joy of watercolour

Water colouring is an activity that can get technical if you’re unfamiliar with the concept. But once you get comfortable with water and brushes, there’s no stopping your imagination and what you can put down on your canvas. 

How to draw: 53 step-by-step drawing projects

Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate, or even a proficient individual in drawing, this book consists of all types of drawing projects that will help you increase your comfort in drawing. 

Learn to draw cool stuff for the young artist

Today’s generation wants to indulge in taking up activities away from stereotypes. This book caters to precisely that audience. It enables enthusiasts to draw objects and scenes that are vivid and unique. 

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300 colouring Mandala Designs

Mandala designs mark the epitome of the creative thinking of a person. Explore this book to achieve the same and let your creativity run free with the numerous designs in this book. 

Relaxing patterns colouring book

Art therapy is an activity that’s gaining popularity with each passing day. This book helps you indulge in a state of mindfulness and peace by providing you with relaxing activities. These include drawing simple, repetitive patterns on a piece of paper. 

Mindfulness Coloring Postcards

It's not a book per se, but a set of mindfulness stimulating postcards. This activity requires you to indulge in colouring your postcard as a part of the process and sending it to your loved one. You can also pen down a heartfelt message in your postcard as a part of the activity. 

Final Words

By no means are these books and craft activities the only sources of refreshing and stimulating your creativity.

True inspiration can come from anything around you. But to pen down the same on a piece of paper or a canvas is what these craft books help you learn. 

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