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Best and Unique DIY Leather Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

Best and Unique DIY Leather Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

Choosing the right leather gifts for that special someone or occasion is a tedious task and most of the time we are stuck shopping at the last hour with no idea of what we want. 

Although it is significant to appreciate and celebrate the ones we love with gifts, we can do without buying gifts for them.

No, we don’t mean ignoring the occasion without any gifts but making them instead. 

Yes, why don’t you create something unique to express your love or make a gift for them to show how special they are? 

Some leatherworking gift ideas to choose from are handmade inscribed leather notes (this is sweet). You can go for matching leather bracelets, leather wallets for him or even a leather keychain holder. 

If these are too small, then maybe a leather belt, bag, shoes (boots) or even a leather jacket is a cool option. 

Choosing a leather gift is a tedious task; making one is equally challenging, but it's well appreciated for the amount of effort that goes into making it.

Finding the perfect leather gifts for all occasion

Finding the perfect leather gifts for all occasion

Can one truly find the ideal leather gift for all occasions? Hmmm! The following list should give you an idea of what could be the perfect gift. 

If you cannot buy one, these DIY leather gift ideas are the perfect place to start.

DIY Leather gifts for 2021

DIY leather gifts can be anything. However, if you are stuck on choices, do something functional relating to their favourite hobby. 

An embossed leather bookmark or leather earrings are perfect for a book lover that loves jewellery. 

How about a leather tool belt for the lady who loves gardening and flowers? These are simple, but they will be well-appreciated by the receiver. 

Some easy to do DIY leather gifts for 2021 are minimalist wallets, pouches , coasters, key holders, vase covers and many more. 

It will take a little bit of creativity, but you will find something perfect for the occasion. It is so easy that you will finish it in no time.

DIY Leather gifts for him or her

DIY Leather gifts for him or her

Love will help you choose the right leather gift for that special someone.

Ah, let’s face it; it is really hard choosing the perfect leather gift for the man or woman in your life. 

The guys might understand, but you cannot give the wrong gift to a lady. Some DIY gifts for men can be a laptop cover, sunglasses pouch (any pouch is lovely). 

You can go for an apron for the man that loves to work the grill. Even a belt with a special inscription only he can decipher is a great idea.

For the ladies, this is a little tough. However, these DIY gifts are perfect for the woman in your life. 

If she likes to meet for brunch or drinks with her friends, get her a lovely leather jacket and go the extra mile to customize it 

Other incredible leather gifts for her are a drawstring pouch, a bracelet with some crystals or a leather handle chopping board.

Leather is valuable. Just like diamonds, leather is forever and will be cherished more as the years go by. 

A leather gift can be the theme of a love story 20 years down the line. 

So why not?

Leather gifts also get better with time, and you don’t need any unique skills to preserve them, cherish and love them. That is enough.

List of DIY Leather Gift Ideas for You to Make from Home with a Simple DIY craft kit

So to save you the time, the following are simple DIY leather kits to get you started on a stunning gift for every occasion.

Easy DIY: Mini Felt and leather baskets

Have you seen one of these before? They are cute and super easy to make. It doesn’t matter if you are using felt or leather. 

These mini felt and leather baskets are the absolute best leather gifts for occasions such as anniversaries for your significant other. 

When you are through with the basket, add something cute and lovely to complete it, and it is good to go. 

The tools and materials are simple, and the template & instructions are straightforward as can be. 

You can add rivets to secure the overlaps so that it doesn’t come off.

DIY Leather earrings 

Are you looking for the perfect leather gift for her? Why not gift DIY simple but elegant earrings

You will enjoy making these, and they will not take up your time.

You will need leather scraps – real or faux (you can mix them both) if you like. 

Other tools that will help bring this leather gift to life are scissors, a utility knife, an awl, invisible thread, metal wire, pliers, glue and a cutter. 

Don’t forget your mat and rules (or a shape cutter).

Now cut the leather piece in the shape you want and arrange them accordingly.

  • Use the super glue to stick two pieces together and attach one end to another using the wire and pliers or the invincible thread.
  • Cut a wire and bend it on one end (this side goes on your ear lobes) and attach the other end to the leather pieces.

 Get extra information from the video and make unique earrings for her this valentine’s day.

DIY No-Sew Leather Pouch

She will love these pouches and so will he. 

Pouches are elegant and the perfect leather gift for storing small personal belongings like your keys, business cards, money and more.

This no-sew pouch does not require any talent other than patience, steady hands, and glue. You can add metal studs to add some finesse and don’t forget the closure. 

Get a feel of the amazing DIY leather gifts from the following video.

How to make DIY personalized leather keychains

Tag them on a handmade DIY keychain with a personalized inscription. It can be used on a single key or attached to other keys. 

Customized key chains make sweet leather gifts for birthdays. You will need the following items:

  • Wide leather strips, you choose the length, width and thickness.
  • Metal rivets
  • Alphabet stamping kits
  • Scissors
  • Mini hammer, keyring
  • Awl


  • Make holes on both ends of the leather strip.
  • Personalize their name or initials on the strip
  • Pass it through the keyring and fold it over
  • Use a metal rivet to hold both ends together.
  • And you are done

Artisans DIY leather passport holder kit

Is there a better way to keep your passport clean and tidy than with Artisans’ leather passport holder? 

They are unique and a show of love for that special someone. 

These are super easy to make, and all the materials are included in the purchased kit along with an illustrated guide.

Artisan DIY Leather cardholder kit

Artisan DIY Leather cardholder kit

What is the ideal gift for a business person? 

A cute and compact cardholder, it is functional and will go a long way too. 

Artisans’ elegant leather cardholder kit allows your creative juices to flow into stunning designs they will cherish. 

Choose from a variety of Italian-tanned leather and add some personal touches to wrap it up.

Artisans Leather DIY Glasses Case Kit

Artisans Leather DIY Glasses Case Kit

These are the ideal leather gifts for Christmas or any other occasion. 

The DIY leather glasses case kit is the complete learning tool for beginners to make a unique glasses case from the comfort and safety of home. 

It also takes the stress of searching for the right tools, leather or instructions as everything is already included in the kit.

Make your own DIY waterproof leather bag & luggage tags.

Luggage tags are similar to key holders with a little extra addition. They are an amazing DIY leather gift idea for the friend or loved one that loves travelling.

Watch a beginner’s video to understand how to design your next luggage tag.

Leather absorbs water which can damage it. You do not want that. However, you can waterproof your leather bags and protect it from rainy days. 

To waterproof it, follow these steps:

  • Use a leather cleaner to clean the surface.
  • Allow the bag to dry overnight.
  • Condition the bag to keep it supple and dry again for 3 to 4 hours
  • Apply waterproof all over the leather bag
  • You can use cream or spray but ensure that you cover all the areas.
  • Repeat this process twice a year

How to make DIY Waterproof leather coasters

Leather coasters are luxurious pieces that ramp up the style of your home. Guests will wow at it, and your tables will never have water markers. 

What’s amazing is the coaster absorbs all the water, dries up and still looks as good as new.

Making one is very easy. 

Whether you are using a kit or finding all the pieces, this is one DIY project you will love doing.

This straightforward step involves cutting a thick piece of leather to the desired shape.

    • Trim the edges and polish it to add some finesse
    • Personalize or emboss some design
    • Leave it simple or add texture and colour to it.


Leather gifts are beautiful and timeless. They are also simple items that you can make on your own without the requirement of any unique skill or the need to follow tedious processes.

Remember, sometimes the people we love only need to know that we appreciate and love them through the years.

If you are looking for a gift to express the way you feel, you will not find it in any store. 

However, a DIY leather gift will resonate for years to come, and every time they use it, it will bring a smile to their face.

If you have not mastered the art of choosing the right leather for your DIY gift, go for Artisans’ DIY leather craft kits and have the perfect gift ready for all occasions.