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Benefits Of Having A LeatherCraft Hobby For You

Benefits Of Having A LeatherCraft Hobby For You

The onset of this pandemic has reiterated the importance of hobbies in our lives. Be it playing board games or reading books, each one of us has spent a lot of time indulging in these amidst lockdowns. Amidst the pandemic and people losing their jobs, leathercraft enthusiasts have thrived and come up with entrepreneurial ways to make their hobby a source of income. 

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Leathercraft enthusiasts?

Yes, you heard it right. Even if you hadn’t heard of leathercrafting before this article, you must have come across a leather product? Ever wondered how this magisterial piece of textile is used to create finished products? Stick around.

Given the right guidance, leather crafting as a hobby can not only be a creative release, but also a profitable business. Now we’ve truly got your attention, right? 

Through the course of this article, we will introduce you to leathercrafting, the tools you need to get started, and lastly, we will go through some DIY custom projects that you can get your hands dirty with. 

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Leather Crafting for Beginners in 2021 

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Are you someone who is venturing into leathercraft for the very first time in 2021? If yes, we have you covered. Often, leathercrafting enthusiasts complain of the complexities involved in the leathercraft hobby.

This is because they are bombarded with information left, right and centre when they search it up online. Understanding these grievances, we have formulated a comprehensive guide for leathercraft beginners in 2021. But before we dive into leathercraft DIY projects, let us first get acquainted with the tools you’ll be using. 

Base Leather 

If you are new to leathercraft, we would suggest you get yourself the cheapest leather you can get your hands on. During these initial stages, the more you practice, the better acquainted you will get to work on leather. Veg-tan leather is a cheap and easily available leather that you can start working on. 

Stitching Chisel/Awl And Needles

Any leathercrafting toolkit will be incomplete without a stitching chisel and some needles. The chisel and the scratch awl allows you to punch holes through leather surfaces with the utmost ease. The needles on the other hand are thicker in size as compared to normal needles owing to the thickness of leather as the base material.  

Rubber Mallet or Hammer

Leathercrafting involves the usage of a lot of heavy tools like rivets and awls. Instead of purchasing a metal one, we suggest that you get yourself a rubber mallet. We don’t want you to injure yourself or spoil your toolkit in the process. A weight upwards of 250 g should do the trick. 

Cutting Board 

You want to make sure that you have a solid base surface at your workstation. A cutting board provides just that and prevents damage to your table or wherever you set up your workstation.  

In addition to these, do not forget to include stationery items like glue, rulers, and sandpaper. You don’t want to get stuck up on your DIY project because you can’t find yourself some glue. 

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Easy Projects for Leathercraft Newcomers 

diy leather earrings

Working on DIY projects is one of the most efficient ways beginners can equip themselves with hands-on experience. In leathercraft, the more hands-on experience you have, the better leather crafter you are likely to be. 

Here are some interesting DIY projects that you can explore.

Leather Earrings

Add a twist to your wardrobe by trying out these chic DIY handmade leather earrings. Putting together this accessory takes about 15 to 20 minutes and there are a plethora of variations that are easily available online. 

If leather earrings aren’t your taste, you can always start an online business to sell this chic accessory. 

Plant Hangers

This DIY home decor idea is a great conversation starter and an innovative way to show off your plant collection. Using straps of leather and some ropes, you can conjure up this fabulous piece of art. 

Leather Luggage Tags

Tired of confusing someone else’s luggage as yours? With this DIY travel accessory, you can easily spot your luggage and flaunt off your immaculate sense of style. 

Leather Wallet

A wallet isn’t simply something used to store your valuables, it also reflects your personality. From classic chic to rustic, this DIY leather wallet is sure to get heads turning. Customize your wallet on base leather that reflects your individuality and flaunt it amongst your friends. 

Leather Tray

Impart a touch of magisterial elegance into your everyday life with this DIY leather tray. With a piece of base leather and a couple of hours of work, you can create a product that will help to organize small items like jewellery, keys, and accessories lying around your house. Pretty neat!

Leather Keychain

A keychain as a present may sound cliche but picture this. In times when presents are either purchased online or outsourced, wouldn’t a DIY leather keychain be a special present for your loved one? It is not the present itself but the thought and effort behind it that counts. Show how much your loved ones mean to you by giving them a customized DIY leather keychain. 

Leathercraft Hobby Accessories

leather planter pot

Regardless of whether you are venturing into leathercrafting in 2021 or have already tried your hand at it, these are the absolute must-haves in your leathercrafting ensemble. 

  • Stitching chisels- These are used to poke holes in the leather before you start stitching.
  • Stitching Needles (for leather)- They’re thicker than the typical needle and fit the thread.
  • Wax Thread- To stitch the pieces together.
  • Scratch Awls- These are predominantly used to pierce holes in the leather. 
  • Cutting Board- You want to make sure of a solid surface at your workstation. 
  • Miscellaneous- Make sure to keep items like glue, rulers, and sandpaper handy. 

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Leathercrafting as a hobby is something that requires patience and proper guidance. We at .Ar:ti|sans share your passion for leather and have gathered together a database of resources of articles, blogs, stories, guides, how-tos, and DIY projects that are readily available on our website.

We even go further and provide you with leather crafting tool kits to help you get started on your leather crafting journey. Whether you are an enthusiast who just wants to get a feel for leather crafting or a seasoned campaigner, we have you covered.

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