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At home DIY craft ideas for everyone | Easy crafts

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At home DIY craft ideas for everyone | Easy crafts

The WFH trend is continuing even after the pandemic has ended. More people prefer to spend quality time with their friends and family. However, sometimes doing the same things over and over again with your loved ones might get boring. DIY crafts bring in that extra bit of freshness and break the monotony. These at-home activities give you a perfect chance to bond with your friends and take a trip down the memory lane. Some DIY projects can also be used as gifts for your friends.

Some of the easy crafts for kids can be educational apart from being a bonding experience. Creative at-home crafts compel the developing neurons in a child's brain to connect theoretical teachings and practical workings. It also engages them in creative endeavours and leaves you with some quality free time. The craft projects also make for fun party ideas for your kids and their friends. 

If you're bored and want to take up a challenging project, you can opt for DIY ideas that involve remodelling your home decor and furniture. You can create shelves using reclaimed woods, or you can repaint your wardrobes and nightstand to revamp their looks. There are also numerous easy at home crafts if you're staying alone. The list below also includes some at-home activities to repaint your space with futuristic designs and colours. 

Nonetheless, here you'll find craft projects that will bring a spark to your life. Continue reading to find out all about the latest DIY easy crafts to do at home with your friends and family. (For all these DIY crafts, you will find the reference links at the bottom of the article for detailed steps).

What crafts are trending in 2022?

DIY Acrylic paint pour art

diy craft

Acrylic painting is one of the more conventional ways of expressing your artistic emotions. However, painting requires elaborate skills, and few have the time and energy to take it up as a hobby. This is where paint pours art comes in. It's simple, and your final product will always be unique. Paint pouring is not just limited to canvases. You can do your art on any kind of surface, including your mobile phone. 

You'll require-

  • Acrylic paint bottles
  • Gloves 
  • Canvas 
  • Floetrol 
  • Cardboard 

How to start your journey of paint pour art?

Premix the acrylic paint and the floetrol in a cup. Try maintaining a 2:1 ratio while creating this mixture. Now, place your cardboard on the floor to catch the paint drippings and your canvas on top of it. Instead of a canvas, you can choose any other object. Slowly start pouring the mixture on the canvas. Tilt the canvas to let the paint flow evenly to every corner. Finally, let it dry for 2-3 days, and the abstract DIY project is done. 

DIY resin coasters

diy crafts

DIY resin coasters are easy to make and enhance the aesthetics of your home. They are also functional as they protect your table from the condensation rings. You can get the required supplies from any hardware store and prepare them yourself. But, it's recommended to get a DIY resin coaster kit to make things easier. The kit will come with a clear resin, epoxy hardener, and moulds for your coaster. 

For this project, you'll require-

  • DIY resin coaster kit
  • Colours
  • Small wooden stick
  • Glitter 
  • Plastic or wax paper 

How to make attractive DIY resin coasters?

Prepare your work table by laying down the plastic or the wax paper. This makes it easier to clean up after you're done with the project. Follow the instruction mentioned in the DIY kit to make the resin solution. Once the mixture is prepared, you'll have about 20 to 30 mins before it starts hardening. You can add colours and glitters to the mixture to make your final product more attractive. Pour the mixture into the moulds and keep them in a cool and dry place for a day. Then, you can take them out and let them cure for about 7 days. The craft ideas that you can do with resin and mould are virtually limitless.

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DIY custom jewellery

diy crafts

Making DIY custom jewellery will never go out of fashion. You can make your own accessories as per your tastes and fashion sense. Again, it's best to get a DIY custom jewellery kit from any online store as they contain all the necessary tools, beads, and threads to start making your jewellery. Furthermore, craft ideas for making customised jewellery is only limited by your imagination.

You'll require-

  • DIY custom jewellery kit
  • Scissors

How to make your own jewellery set?

Arrange your supplies on your work table. If you're feeling uninspired, you can simply search for jewellery designs online. Now there are a lot of different pieces of jewellery that you can make from the same kit. For making chains, get a thread or nylon string, and wrap it around the end of your needle. Start putting the beads on the thread in any pattern of your choice. After you're satisfied with your work, tie a knot at the end to secure it. You can also attach a metal clip at the end. You can also make DIY bracelets using the same techniques. 

For earrings, you'll need metal hoops, metal rings, hooks, and prying tools. Enter the beads directly in the hoop, depending on the design. Or, you can pass it through a metal ring and attach that ring to the hook. 

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What crafts can I make at home?

DIY hand-painted wall

If you want to decorate your living room but want to do it the DIY way, this project is for you. This project is highly cost-effective compared to getting wallpaper and fixing it yourself. 

You'll require-

  • Wall paint 
  • Wooden planks
  • Tapes

How to start painting your walls?

There are two methods to paint your wall. Use wooden planks to outline the pattern you want to create on your wall in the first method. Use a thin paintbrush to draw over the lines to transform your wall. 

The second method is comparatively easier. Use the tape to create geometric patterns on your wall. After you're satisfied with the design, start painting the entire wall with a contrasting colour. Once the paint dries, remove the tapes. Your dull wall has now transformed into a wall with a two-tone finish and a futuristic design.

DIY world map wall art

This project might seem a bit daunting, but we promise it's easier than you think. You can decorate your living room with fantastic artwork without breaking your bank. A wall-sized world map is sure to attract some attention, and since it's a DIY project, you can take pride in it as well. 

You'll require-

  • Measuring tape
  • World map stencils
  • Canvases depending on the size of your wall
  • Paintbrush
  • Acrylic or pastel colours

How to start designing your DIY world map wall?

Order the stencil of the world map that's slightly smaller than the wall. Use the measuring tape to get the dimensions of your wall. Once the stencil arrives, place it on a single giant canvas or multiple canvases. Tape the sides of the stencil to secure it. Now, let your inner creativity burst forth and paint it according to your liking. Let the paint dry for a couple of days before hanging it on your wall. You can even use varnish to give your wall art a glossy finish. 

DIY Tip: Use the DIY acrylic paint pouring tricks to make a one-of-a-kind world map. 

At home DIY crafts for adults 

DIY leather plant hangers

diy craft plant hanger

Plant pots add earthy tones to your rooms. But, with a DIY leather plant hanger, you can take your everyday plant pots to the next level. These adult craft ideas also make for a great gift for your loved ones on their birthdays or housewarming parties. Sourcing leather and manually measuring the pots to get the right fit can become cumbersome. Hence Artisans created their DIY leather plant hangers kit to help you skip this tiring part. 

You'll need-

  • Artisans' DIY leather plant hanger kit
  • Leather needle 
  • Thread

The Artisans' kit contains -

  • Pre-cut premium Italian leather
  • Leather cord for hanging
  • Instruction booklet

How to get started?

The instruction booklet has everything you need to know to set up this leather hanger. Since the leathers are pre-cut, you can directly start stitching them together. After you've stitched the strips to the base of the hanger, attach the threads to the end of the strips. Wrap the contraption around the plant pot, and hang it from the roof of your living room. Artisans' DIY leather plant kit also contains a free leather key chain. Vow-worthy, right?

DIY mirror

With this simple DIY project, you can renew the full-sized wooden mirrors that have lost their lustre. Don't worry, this DIY project doesn't involve you attaching a mirror to a wooden frame. You can do DIY mirror projects with a few tapes and a can of paint. 

You'll need-

  • Tapes 
  • Paint spray cans

How to start renovating your mirror?

Lay some plastic sheets on the ground, and then lay your mirror on top of it. Use tape and paper to cover the reflective surface of the mirror. Now, the wooden frame is your canvas, and you can paint it however you like. You can use a combination of tape and paint to get a two-tone colour scheme for the mirror. Or, you can use the tapes to create a geometric pattern to match your DIY painted wall. After you're satisfied with the result, remove the tapes and the covering from your mirror. 

DIY nightstand overhaul

Now, that you've transformed your mirror into a brilliant art piece, why not do the same to your insipid nightstand. The DIY nightstand project can be a bit intimidating craft for beginners as it involves making the stencils for the nightstand from scratch. However, you can skip this step and simply download the stencil online. 

You'll need-

  • Stencil 
  • Contrasting paint colour

How to revamp your nightstand? 

Start by preparing the stencil. Either download it from the web or create your own. Attach the stencil to your nightstand using tape to secure it in place. Cover the rest of the nightstand with paper or plastic to prevent them from getting messy. Now just paint over the stencil and let it dry for a day. Remove all the tapes and other covering to reveal your refurbished nightstand. If it's a black nightstand, you can use white chalk paint to give a fresco look. 

At home DIY crafts for kids 

DIY leather pencil pot

craft for kids

A DIY leather pencil pot will make for fun arts and crafts for kids. But, you might be worried about your children handling scissors. The crafters at Artisans thought about this and created a beginner DIY leather pencil pot for your kids with pre-cut leather. 

You'll need-

  • Artisans' DIY leather pencil pot kit
  • Leather needle

The kit includes-

  • Instructions
  • Precut Italian leather 

How to help your kids make this project?

Open the kit and take out the instruction manual. Make your kids arrange all the pieces and tools in a single place. Help your kids sew the ends of the leathers to finish the project. The leather pieces are not only pre-cut but also have holes in them. Your children only have to align the holes and pass the needles through them. Since the product is designed for kids, the packaging is plastics free. These crafts for children are also a great way to teach your children how to sew, which is a valuable life skill. 

DIY lava lamp

Crafts for children should be enjoyable as well as educational. Lava lamps are fun to look at, with the large bubbles rising and morphing into different shapes. But, did you know that lava lamps are quite easy crafts to do at home and are a fun science project to bond with your kid. 

You'll require-

  • Empty plastic bottle
  • Food colouring 
  • Vegetable oil 
  • Alka-seltzer

How to do this science project with your kid?

Ask your kid to fill 3/4th of the plastic bottle with vegetable oil. Add water to fill the bottle. Now, add a few drops of food colouring. Since the food colours are water-soluble, they will change the colour of the water but not of the oil. Finally, break the Alka seltzer tablets, add them to the flask and close it. Enjoy the lava lamp with your kid. You can use this opportunity to teach them about density and polarity. Just add more Alka-seltzer tablets if you notice the chemical reaction slowing down. 

DIY Vegetable print art

diy craft idea for kids

This is one of the easiest arts and crafts your kids can do without any adult supervision. On top of that, it's a great way to make use of old vegetables that have become inedible. 

You'll need-

  • Vegetables
  • Watercolours 
  • A paper 
  • A paper plate to hold the colours

How to start painting?

Cut the vegetables in half and hand them over to your kids. That's it. They will now start stamping the cross-section of the vegetable in ink and then on the paper to create their art. You can ask them to draw the outlines of the vegetable to make it look more appealing. This is also a great opportunity to teach them about the different vegetables and why they are so different from each other. Due to its simplicity, it makes for a great craft idea for school.

At home DIY crafts to do with friends 

DIY pebble people

DIY pebble people are the perfect summer crafts for adults. Say you've planned a trip to the beach to beat the heat. You can ask your friends to collect the best pebbles and shells that they find on the beach. Once you return home, you can get together and create pebble people as souvenirs for this beach trip. This is an unusual craft idea but highly amusing.

You'll need-

  • Pebbles 
  • Paint 
  • Pencils 
  • Paintbrushes
  • Glue

How to create pebble people?

Attach a small pebble on top of a bigger one to create the head and the body of your pebble people. Start drawing the outlines with a pencil. Once you're satisfied with the drawing, fill it with vibrant colours and personalise it. After the paint dries, use a permanent marker to highlight the outlines which makes the features more prominent.

DIY leather candle holders 

diy candle holder

DIY candles have been rising in popularity for the last couple of years. So, here's a fun project to do with your friends to create leather candle holders that compliments your DIY candles. If you're a newbie to creating leather DIY craft projects, then Artisans has got you covered. They have a DIY craft for beginners to help you get started with leather crafting. 

You'll need

  • Artisans' Leather candle holder kit
  • Leather needle 
  • Thread

The kit includes-

  • Pre-cut Italian leather 
  • 2 binder clips 
  • Handmade waxed threads
  • 3 canvas cloths
  • Learner's guidebook 

How to create leather candle holders?

Use the binder clips to hold the different leather pieces together and align the holes with each other. Now, use the waxed threads and the needle to stitch the leather pieces together. Your candle holder is ready. If you've any doubts regarding the project, you can always refer to the guidebook. In addition to that, Artisans also includes a free keyring set in their beginner's kit. 

DIY baked salt dough tags

One of the more enjoyable adult craft ideas is baking salt doughs to make personalised tags is a fun little way to create group activities for your friends. These tags also make a great idea for presents. You can also create and sell them to make some cash on the side.

You'll need- 

  • Flour
  • Salt 
  • Water
  • Cookie cutters 
  • Designer stamps
  • Coloured ink pads
  • Wooden skewers
  • Sandpaper

How to start baking your tags?

Mix flour, salt and water in a bowl and knead until gluten is formed. Meanwhile, ask one of your friends to pre-heat the oven. Once the dough thickens, roll it onto your kitchen top. Ensure that you don't roll it too thin, as it will make the final product brittle. Now, get your ink pads, and start stamping the different designs on the flour. After covering it with designs, get your cookie cutters and start cutting. Place your cutouts on a baking sheet or baking tray. Use the skewers to make small holes on the tops of the cutouts. Bake the dough at medium temperature for over 6 hours, and your tags will be ready. You can use sandpaper to remove the rough edges and give it a professional look. 

DIY crafts and Artisans craft kits 

DIY crafts are supposed to boost mindfulness and calm the mind. However, if a beginner takes up a difficult project then the whole project can become an infuriating ordeal. They might even be discouraged to take up any such projects in the future. Artisans noticed this problem that the beginners were actively facing. 

At Artisans, we've put a lot of thought into creating leather DIY kits. The kits come with pre-cut leathers. And the instruction manual contains extensive guidelines on how to put together the contraption. Even the stitching holes are punched through the leather. You only have to stitch it together to start enjoying. The kit also reduces the time required to do the projects. The leather DIY craft projects from Artisans hardly takes a couple of hours. 

Final Words

After reading through the list of the various DIY crafts, you must have noticed a common phenomenon. All the projects boost a bonding with the people with whom you're doing the crafts. If you feel lost and don't know where to start your DIY crafts journey, Artisans craft kits are your answer. Artisans only deals with leather projects as DIY with leather is comparatively easier than other complicated projects. Come, have a look at all the DIY leather projects for beginners.