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A Brief Guide On How To Care For Your Leather Craft Creation

A Brief Guide On How To Care For Your Leather Craft Creation

So you've created your leather glasses casekeyringplant hanger or whichever of our leather craft kits that you chose to make?

Well done! You should feel really proud of this achievement and your creation.

Now you will want to know how you can care for it properly so that it lasts for a long, long time. Here is a handy little guide to show you how to do just that.

One of the great things about leather is that it is a naturally hardwearing and tough material, but even so, it's important to know how best to take care of it so it stays in good condition for longer...

DON'Ts for your leather craft...

  • leave your leather product in direct sunlight for long periods of time and this may cause a change in the colour of the leather, either lightening or darkening the surface. * Having said that, sometimes leather products are left out in the sun intentionally in a process called ‘Sun Tanning’, building character on the leather’s Patina (surface). You just don’t want to overdo it to the point where the leather surface might start to dry out. *
  • using leather cleaning products unless absolutely necessary, such as when the leather is really flaky or hard. Also, avoid conditioning with products where wax is the main ingredient - these are used mainly for shoes and bags which have heavy wear.
  • allow your leather product to come into contact with sharp, rough objects which might create scratches on its flawless surface.

DOs for your leather craft...

  • use a soft brush to occasionally brush away dust, dirt or spots. Try a horsehair brush and brush lightly.
  • follow brushing the leather surface by wiping your leather product over with a slightly damp (NOT wet) cloth.
  • take a bit of extra care when it’s raining. Water can draw the oils out of leather and potentially cause it to become still and brittle or leave a stain. That’s why you had to take care when you were completing the burnishing step! If you do get a little bit of water on the surface, simply blot away as soon as possible.
  • dry the leather out naturally. And avoid drying leather with hairdryers or on the radiator as this might cause the leather to dry out too much and crack.
  • embrace the subtle characteristics that develops on your leather product over time. This is what makes it unique and this natural wear if often very beautiful!

Last words...

We hope you feel your confidence radiating for taking care of your leather craft creation with our care guide provided above. We want to advice you to continue using your hands to make more beautiful items whether it be leather or any other material. If you're loving hand crafting, why not try another Artisans leather craft kit?

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about caring for your leather. We're always here for you, our fellow artisan.

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