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7 Best Art Therapy Colouring Books To De-Stress

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7 Best Art Therapy Colouring Books To De-Stress

In a world that prioritises constant hustle, it has become imperative for us to take a step back and re-evaluate our lives. This can be a momentary pause that replenishes our mental well-being, even if it’s for an hour each day. 

Thus, in this tussle that we’re in, experiencing a moment of solitude is priceless. In this situation, activities like arts and crafts act as therapeutic sessions in the comforts of our homes. Data suggests that indulging in finger painting, doodling, sketching, and even colouring can stimulate cortisol. This hormone is responsible for evoking feelings of calm. No doubt why art therapeutic activities are so highly regarded.  

In this article, we bring you a list of art therapy colouring books that are sure to quench your curiosity while keeping you occupied for hours..

These art therapy books will help you set a foundation to integrate art therapy techniques into your daily schedule. Plus bring you respite from all the workplace induced stress. 

Art Therapy Colouring Books

These books not only are fun to engage in, but also allow you to explore your creativity and stimulate a state of cognitive ‘flow’. In this state, you won’t think about any external factor; all you’ll focus on is the task (colouring) at hand. Amazing, right?

Art Therapy: An Anti-Stress Colouring Book For Adults

As the name suggests, this book is a stress buster for adults. Authors Richard Merritt, Hannah Davis, and Cindy Wilde have crafted a set of marvellous patterns that compel us to indulge in colouring them.

You don't require any prior experience in the arts field. The book grants you the freedom to take your creativity to all new heights without worrying much about the outcome’s finesse. 

Worlds Of Wonder: A Colouring Book For Curious

Created by Johanna Basford, this book is the ultimate resource for your quest for inner peace. It’s a journey through beautiful worlds. Here you’ll encounter magical rivers, flying castles, fairytale villages, and animals that you’ve only dreamt about as a kid. As an experiential journey of this art therapy for kids book, you’ll start with indulging in the activity as art therapy and end with making explorations about your inner self. 

Colourful Cats: The Cat Lovers Coloring Book

Our creativity opens the doors of peace and solitude. This book by Broderick S Johnson provides credibility to the statement. Out of all art therapy colouring books, we highly recommend this one. Why? Because the patterns given in this book appeal to both kids and adults. Thus, this 130-page book can be your answer to countering your stress plus overwhelm and achieving peace of mind. 

Mindfulness Colouring Book For Children 4-12 - Art Therapy For Kids

Every parent wants to induce motor skills within their kids. The best way to do this is by making the child indulge in colouring activities. With this book, David Fletcher has tried to offer multiple kid’s activities to the parents. The calming shapes and patterns that the book is filled with attract kids towards art as a profession. Additionally, this book helps counter the mental stress children are being subjected to due to the rigorous education system. 

Art Of Colouring: Disney Animals

We all are a fan of Disney animation. Kids just love colouring their favourite animated characters, especially the Disney princess Elsa or Aladdin. As a part of the art of colouring series, this book is recommended to be art therapy for young kids and art enthusiasts.

The experience of letting your imagination run free and colouring famous Disney animations such as young Simba, Bruce, Bucky the squirrel, and Abu is something you don’t want to miss out on. 

Tattoo Colouring Book For Adults

From denoting ranks in ancient Japan to being a symbol of style and status in the 20th and 21st centuries, tattoos are a unique abstract art. This art has been passed down along the ages. This book is a great way to get creative and indulge in a colouring tattoo design. It contains around 30 original compositions, including sugar skulls, roses, guns, and other modern tattoo designs that arouse your curiosity. 

Magical Jungle: An Inky Expedition

Imagine yourself out there in the woods, with birds chirping and the cold breeze sweeping across your face as you walk through a carpet of dried leaves. Everything about this setting makes your heart smile and gives you an utter sense of joy and peace, right? This book, Magical Jungle, takes you through the very same experience. The best-selling author, Johanna Basford’s book, is designed in an inky style to create your journey using your imagination. 

200 Kawaii Mandalas Adult Coloring Book

The book is a collective effort of 17 artists. The authors have a simple theory that colouring books are not just kids’ play but something adults can also find helpful. Thus, you’ll find various outlines according to varying difficulty levels and will keep you engaged. All you need to do is to choose a picture to paint and let your creativity run wild. 

Artisans and Art

Art therapy is a concept that dates back to 1940. However, today’s lifestyles have meant that stress and mental exhaustion have become common pathogens that adversely affect children and adults. However, art is that one factor that binds us to our inner selves. It introduces us to our self-worth, self-potential, and self-being. 

Thus, the books mentioned above are the best art therapy for kids and grown-ups as they struggle to deal with everyday stress-inducing factors. If you’re looking for additional inspiration and resources, feel free to check out our resource base. We, at Artisans, promote the spirit of arts and crafts and attempt to provide accessible knowledge to all crafting enthusiasts that are out there.