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5 Best Inspirational Podcasts on Arts and Crafts For Everyone

5 Best Inspirational Podcasts on Arts and Crafts For Everyone

Listen to conversations between fellow craft enthusiasts and give yourself that art studio buzz. Whether you want to learn about dramatic art escapades, pick up advice from working artists or inspire yourself to create a great piece of art work, there is a podcast here for you.

1. For the those who love Art History & Mysteries - Art Curious

art curious

Top Episode: 73: Art Auction Audacity – Van Gogh’s Portrait of Dr. Gachet

This hugely successful podcast by Jennifer Dasal takes a fascinating look into the weird and wonderful world of art. From missing Mona Lisa’s and strange art crimes to artist rivalries and devastating art disasters, these stories prove that art is anything but dull. It’s a podcast full of captivating crimes, which would intrigue anyone regardless of your previous knowledge or interest in art history. The more recent series each have a different theme, including ‘Shock Art’, ‘The Coolest Artists You Don’t Know’ (unsurprisingly these are mainly women) and ‘Art Auction Audacity’. What is the most expensive painting ever sold at auction, and why has no one seen it since? What happened when Dali collaborated with Disney? And what was the disastrous inspiration behind Much’s The Scream?
Started in 2016 and with 8 series, there is plenty of intrigue for your ears, but if you can’t get enough of this podcast, why not read Jennifer’s book of the same title?

2. For the Philosopher - TED ART Podcast

ted art podcast

Top Episode: When the world is burning, is art a waste of time? By Alan Brooks, 1st February 2021

Irrespective of how little art you currently do, this podcast will leave you feeling personally inspired to get involved. Just like that last TED Talk on YouTube which motivated or challenged you, TED ART is a podcast series led by speakers, thinkers and innovators from a wide range of disciplines within the creative industries. Today, it is unlikely that you will stumble across much, aside from Banksy, about the arts on headline news. But what transformative role has art played during the pandemic and how are developments in Artificial Intelligence influencing the world of art? Approximately 12 minutes long each, these podcasts are clear, concise and free of any waffle, getting straight to the heart of the issue. ‘When the world is burning, is art a waste of time?’, a talk by graphic novelist Alan Brooks, is a particularly inspiring and refreshing reminder of the positive impact art is capable of having on our society.

3. For the Multi-Crafter – We’ve Made It

we have made it podcast for art and crafts

Top Episode: Crafting For Your Mental Health, 15th February 2021

Sarah Orme and Zoe Williams host ‘We’ve Made It’, a relaxed and chatty podcast which discusses common crafting problems and creative projects, occasionally featuring some recognisable voices which so far include stars from Bake Off and The Great British Pottery Throw Down. The episode Crafting For Your Mental Health is a fascinating discussion about the benefits of craft towards mental wellbeing with some interesting scientific insight into why so many of us find making a therapeutic and even mindful experience. 

4. For the Working Artist – Ask an Artist

ask an artist podcast

 Top Episode So Far (there are 79): 55 – The Big Debate! Art vs. Craft

Printmaker Laura Boswell and painter Peter Keegan present ‘Ask an Artist’, a podcast full of advice and insight about what it takes to become a working artist.  It’s fascinating to hear the experiences and challenges of being an artist today from lots of different perspectives and craftspeople. Honest and supportive, these hosts don’t shy away from the reality that artists have to pay the bills as well as produce great art.  It is great that in some episodes, Laura and Peter focus on less frequently covered, and some would say less glamorous practical topics (which are nonetheless essential) for artists such as copyright, paperwork and websites. 

5. For the Freelancer  - The Good Ship Illustration

illustration podcast for craftsmen

 Top Episode: What’s Stopping You? Overcoming Imposter Syndrome to Find Your Creative Voice.

The Good Ship Illustration is a conversation between professional illustrators, Helen Stephens, Tania Willis and Katie Chappell about finding your creative voice, building career longevity and being yourself. With a combination of 60 years of industry experience between them there is plenty of friendly, honest and practical advice to be shared. The three friends discuss the myths around ‘essential’ drawing materials, the pros and cons of working from home, learning through making mistakes and overcoming impostor syndrome. It’s very down to earth and easy to listen to, or as a review correctly points out ‘this podcast is like having friends over for a cuppa’.