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4 Interesting Leathercraft Projects You Can Start in 2021

4 Interesting Leathercraft Projects You Can Start in 2021

Over the last couple of weeks, we have covered essential tools and basic skills for a leathercraft project. Now, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. Here are a few leather projects that are simple, but they will serve you for generations if taken care of properly.

It is time to hone those leatherworking skills you have learned over the few weeks and craft some great practical pieces that you can use every day. We also linked easy step by step tutorials from our master artisans, so you don’t have to worry about anything while you are on the project.

Leather Wallet

Leather wallet project

It’s something you carry every day but most often overlooked because it’s like a part of you. We hardly ever think about our wallets because we are so used to it every day. But while we are unaware of our own wallets, we certainly can be conscious of someone else’s.

It’s definitely a time to give yourself a new custom made wallet by no other than, yourself. Yes, it’s easier than ever to get started with crafting a piece of luxury, and what’s better is that it will grow even better with time. Craft a wallet that will stand against time as you will be grateful for it every time you take it out of your pocket. 

To get started with your very own custom leather wallet, we have designed a beginner’s leather wallet kit that has all the essentials tools and patterns to get you started immediately. 

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Passport Holder

Passport holder leather project

If you are an avid traveller, a leather passport holder will add the touch of luxury and finesse to your travel plans. The next time you pull out your passport, get ready to turn some heads. Look professional with every step on the airport, and you know what’s even better? Your own custom made passport holder. Get started with just a click of a button with .Ar:ti|sans's very own Passport Holder Leather Kit today and start this project on your own.

Card Holder

Card holder leather project

For any beginners, a custom cardholder is an easy project to get into. In a matter of hours, you will be able to create this wonderful piece of luxury. Take on this project to develop some essential leatherworking skill like cutting, stitching, and edge furnishing. Get ready to wow the people around you next time you take out your card.

With patterns and leatherworking kits made available from the master artisans in the UK, it’s only a matter of days for you to get your very own professional leatherworking kits. A masterclass from our very own leather craftsmen, you can expect to make your custom leather cardholder within a day

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Leather Sunglasses Case

custom diy eyeglasses leather case london uk patina color leathercraft kit

If you are looking for some mid-level leather projects that will be useful for everyday use, a leather sunglasses case will be the right fit. A project more tricky than your normal leather project but not that complicated, this project will earn you a great experience and a luxurious piece of leather in your hands.

Full guidelines and patterns are available in Artisan’s leather kit which you can order right here. You can except everything you need to get started with leatherworking from beginner to advanced level. Guides and patterns are readily available on our website to get you started quickly and proficiently. 

Indulge yourself into luxury by crafting your very own leather case for your eyeglasses.

We love a great custom leather piece, and even more when our readers are making one themselves. To support the community of leather craftsmen and provide a gallery of resources and guides, we brought Artisan to life. Leather craftsmen with years of experience have shared their thoughts and ideas on what’s makes leather not only a luxury but a fulfilling career. 

To share our love for leather to the world, we designed countless guides and articles for every individual out there to get started immediately today. Please don’t forget to check out these articles to get started on leatherworking if you haven’t already.

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Also, here’s a list of useful guides and patterns that you can use on your custom projects to learn and improve your leatherworking skills. 

Last but not the least, for people looking to get started with leatherworking immediately, we gathered all the essential tools and patterns you’ll require to get your hands on leather crafting as soon as possible. 

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