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20 Unique DIY Craft Ideas To Gift Your Mum On Mother’s Day

20 Unique DIY Craft Ideas To Gift Your Mum On Mother’s Day

Leathercraft items are one of the most luxurious and personalised gifts that you can gift or receive. And it goes without saying that your mom would rather have you spend money on yourself than indulge in buying her an extravagant Mother’s Day gift. 

What if we told you that there’s actually a way to give your mom something magisterial, with a personalised touch to it? This Mother’s Day, skip browsing online. Instead, surprise her with a timeless DIY gift that she’ll cherish for life.

Nothing is more wholesome than a gift made with love and affection. And to actually spend time to handmake DIY leather gift shows just how much you care for your mom. Coupled with a heartfelt message, it is absolutely the best gift that you can give your mom on Mother’s Day.

Today we’re taking this excellent opportunity to help you with our leathercrafting skills. We’ve also included several beginner-level leathercrafting DIY ideas that require little prior experience. 

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Below is a list of some leathercrafting DIY gifts that you can work on and make your mom feel special. 

#20 Of The Best DIY Gifts For Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Here are some DIY leathercrafting ideas that you could consider while conceptualising the perfect gift for your mom. Don’t forget to fully immerse yourself in the leathercrafting experience, as stitching leather with your own hands is an experience you will relish!

#1- DIY Leather Key Chain

DIY Leather Key Chain

Using leather strips and a rotary punch, create an elegant personalised gift for your mom. From monograms to floral rosettes, customise your DIY gift and shower your mom with the affection she deserves. 

#2- DIY Leather Conversation Shapes

DIY Leather Conversation Shapes

Create the most intimate homemade gift by revisiting your mom’s favourite saying or a conversation that reminds her of you.

#3- DIY Leather Plant Pots

DIY Leather Plant Pots

Reusable and sustainable, create plant pots through leather scraps for your mom’s house. 

#4- DIY Chic Leather Pouch

DIY Chic Leather Pouch

Why not gift your mom a chic pouch in which she can keep her belongings organised? Create a stylish DIY homemade gift using veg-tanned base leather.  

#5- DIY Leather Accessories

DIY Leather Accessories

Use leather to create some elegant homemade accessories like earrings, bracelets, and even necklaces. After trying it on, your mom will appreciate your homemade gift even more.  

#6- DIY Leather Handmade Bookmarks

DIY Leather Handmade Bookmarks

If your mom is an avid reader, gift her a personalised leather bookmark. Imprint her favourite author’s quote on leather scraps and create the most thoughtful DIY gift for your mom.  

#7- DIY Leather Coasters 

DIY Leather Coasters

Using veg-tanned leather, create some coasters that add aesthetics to your mom’s kitchen. Get creative by adding monograms and other elements to add a personalised touch. 

#8- DIY Leather Photo Frame 

DIY Leather Photo Frame

Treasure memories with your mom by gifting her a thoughtful DIY leather photo frame. Relive the special moments that you have shared by adding a heartfelt written message. 

#9- DIY Stamped Leather Trinket Dishes

DIY Stamped Leather Trinket Dishes

Have an inside joke with your mom that you’ve spent years laughing on? With this DIY gift, imprint jokes on some leather-based trinket dishes that resonate with your mom. 

#10- DIY Leather Cord Keeper

DIY Leather Cord Keeper

Managing your phone charger and earphones is always so tricky. Don’t you think your mom faces the same difficulty? Gift her a customised leather cord keeper and help her organise her tech accessories. 

#11- DIY Leather Tablet Case

DIY Leather Tablet Case

Does your mom have an iPad but often complains that she cannot carry it around? This Mother’s Day, gift your mom a DIY leather tablet case that helps her take her gadget around with an air of suave and elegance. 

#12- DIY Leather Bound Book

DIY Leather Bound Book

Moms love to take notes. Be it their favourite recipes or to pen down a critical to-do list. This Mother’s Day, gift your mom a DIY leather-bound book that she can flaunt off the next time she goes grocery shopping. 

#13- DIY Leather Pot Holder

DIY Leather Pot Holder

Add some colour and flamboyance into your mom’s kitchen by making her a DIY leather pot holder. Using dyes, you can use veg-tanned leather to create aesthetic accessories for your mom’s kitchen. 

#14- DIY Leather Drink And Food Labels

DIY Leather Drink And Food Labels

Another thoughtful DIY idea is to create small leather-based labels that help your mom organise the kitchen. You can further create drink labels that demand the attention of your mom’s friends when they lay their eyes upon them. 

#15- DIY Leather Tote Bag

DIY Leather Tote Bag

Have you considered gifting your mom a fashionable tote bag that she can flaunt when she visits the grocery shop? Imprint monograms and other patterns and gift your mom a DIY leather tote bag. 

#16- DIY Leather Mason Jar Holder 

DIY Leather Mason Jar Holder

If your mom is addicted to a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, consider gifting her a DIY leather mason jar holder. With leather providing an ergonomic grip, you can further customise it, just the way your mom likes it! 

#17- DIY Leather Yoga Mat Holder

DIY Leather Yoga Mat Holder

The struggles of trying to keep a yoga mat rolled up are real. This DIY leather yoga mat holder provides not only a practical option but also an elegant way to personalise your yoga sessions. Trust us, this DIY gift will be really appreciated! 

#18- DIY Leather Wall-Hanging Straps

DIY Leather Wall-Hanging Straps

Using some leather straps, create additional storage space via the DIY leather wall-hanging straps. Your mom will love this gift, only hoping that you thought of this idea earlier while you stayed with her. 

#19- DIY Leather Drawer Pulls

DIY Leather Drawer Pulls

Non-functional drawers are simply the worst. Despite getting your nails chipped, the drawer just doesn’t open up. If you can think of such a problem at your mom’s house, a DIY leather drawer pull might just be the gift you should consider making. 

#20- DIY Leather Wristlet

DIY Leather Wristlet

Not only are they fashionable, but leather wristlets are a great way to express your feelings. Communicate to your mother by imprinting a heartfelt message by creating a DIY leather wristlet. 

These ideas are great but are you thinking about how to get started? Designed to promote and hone your leathercrafting skills, Artisans’ Leather Craft Kits act as the perfect resource. These kits include everything you may need to help you create a leather DIY gift this Mother’s Day. Vegetable-tanned leather, threads, needles, and stencils of basic shapes, these kits are wholesome. 

Mother’s day is all about giving back to the one person who so selflessly raised you. Artisans’ Leathercraft Kit Virtual Gift Card helps you cherish the person you love by treating them with a rare opportunity to indulge in the world of leathercrafting. Give the gift of choice and a unique leathercraft experience that you and your mom will never forget.  We hope that we could inspire your creative minds and helped you think of the perfect DIY gift for your mom this Mother’s Day.

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