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20 Brilliant Drawing Tutorials | Easy to follow

20 Brilliant Drawing Tutorials | Easy to follow

In today’s times when everything is available at the click of a button, imagination is the one trait that has gone amiss. We’ve become over-reliant on technology. That’s the reason why most children of today haven’t experienced the thrills of sketching a scene out of imagination or memory.   

In this article, we’ve put together a list of 20 brilliant drawing tutorials in an attempt to rekindle the artist within you. So without further ado, let’s get straight to the list of drawing ideas. 

20 Brilliant Online Drawing Tutorials

1. Drawing A Realistic Eye 

draw an eye

Looking for how to draw realistic images? This drawing idea is tailored for you. 

Well, eyes form the most expressive part of the human body. Thus drawing enthusiasts can begin with having a command of sketching a realistic-looking eye. It’s easy to draw an eye alongside a thorough tutorial. This one is enough proof. 

2. Pencil Shading 

A pencil forms one of the most fundamental mediums to indulge in drawing. Have you ever ventured into exploring what happens when you vary the pressure on your pencil nib? This tutorial will expose you to a world of endless pencil-shading possibilities.  

3. Drawing A Realistic Dog

Drawing an animal can be a very calming activity, especially if you’ve got a pet. Thus, if you’re stressed out with work, try this DIY template and experience how refreshed and energetic you feel post this activity. 

4. Drawing A Realistic Cat

As mentioned above, drawing an animal cannot be put in words. You need to experience it. If you have a pet cat, why not indulge in this tutorial? Maybe you’ll someday become proficient enough to sketch your pet’s portrait. For now, learn to draw a realistic cat. This tutorial will make it quite easy, we promise.

5. Drawing Realistic Human Faces

Have you ever tried sketching a human face? If you haven’t already, here’s an excellent tutorial to get you started. Experience the various contours of the human face and learn how to draw a realistic and expressive human face. 

6. Drawing Realistic Human Lips 

Our smile is one of the most prominent features on our face, but have you ever considered drawing it out on a piece of paper? This tutorial helps you dive in the same by offering insights into how you can perfectly map the varying contours of the human lips. 

7. Drawing Realistic Human Teeth

The teeth are an essential part of one’s smile and while you’re at it, why not learn from a tutorial that teaches you how to draw symmetrical and realistic looking teeth? In this DIY, learn about how to represent the subtle difference in the shapes of our teeth on paper.  

8. Drawing A Realistic Human Nose

To master sketching a human nose, you’ll require hours of practise but, most importantly a keen observational gaze. In this tutorial, you’ll learn about the various fundamentals of drawing a nose, including its side view. 

9. Drawing A Realistic Female Face

drawing tutorials

To sketch a realistic human female face is a challenge, we accept. But this drawing tutorial has expertly put together a series of steps that uncomplicate the process. It goes over the various dimensions and proportions, all of which have to be in sync to create a human face on paper. 

10. Drawing Eyes Capturing Different Emotions

Once you’ve gained expertise in sketching a realistic eye, you’re ready to take the next leap of faith. With the help of this drawing tutorial, you’ll learn how to make subtle variations to your drawing that will help capture varying emotions within those eyes.

11. Drawing A Realistic Wolf

If you’ve already drawn some domestic animals, why not take up more of a challenge by learning to sketch a wild animal, say a wolf? Check out this wild drawing tutorial to learn to draw a wolf. 

12. Drawing A Realistic Grizzly Bear

Sticking to the trend of drawing challenging animal sketches, why not integrate your pencil shading techniques with sketching to indulge in drawing a grizzly bear? This drawing tutorial provides you with all the needed inputs. 

13. Drawing Realistic Bird Sketches 

Indulge in this drawing tutorial to learn how to draw birds in full flight using just your pencil and a piece of paper. Trust us, this is one tutorial you don’t want to be missing out on. 

14. Drawing The Human Body Out Of Memory 

Attempting to draw the human body will require an intuitive understanding of ergonomic dimensions and anthropometry. Indulge in this elaborate tutorial to know gain more insights. 

15. Drawing Realistic Hair

Hairstyles are an essential element of one’s appearance. So why not indulge in learning it via this easy to follow drawing tutorial? The results at the end of this will leave you in awe.  

16. Drawing A Human Arm 

Follow this immersive tutorial to learn more about human dimensions and proportions to draw a human arm highlighting its various contours. This exhaustive drawing tutorial is going to be a saver, trust us. 

17. Drawing Symbols 

Ever considered drawing some symbols and designs that create rhythmic patterns? In this tutorial, you’ll learn exactly how to do that. 

18. Drawing A Realistic T-Rex Dinosaur

Dinosaurs were majestic creatures that lived on our planet millions of years ago. Why not take up a challenge and recreate these extinct beings on a piece of paper using this tutorial?

19. Drawing A Plane From Scratch

Do aeroplanes fascinate you? If yes, this one’s for you. Why not sketch out your own customized planes by following the simple steps outlined in this tutorial?

20. Draw A Locomotive Out Of Memory 

Locomotive engines are pretty tricky to draw, but this tutorial will assist you in applying the correct techniques to make the perfect and most realistic looking locomotive. 

Final thoughts

These freestyle drawing online tutorials are put together keeping in mind the theme of mindfulness and how important it is in today’s times to be more mindful of ourselves and our surroundings. 

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