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20 Best Gifts Bloggers You Need to Follow

20 Best Gifts Bloggers You Need to Follow

Gift-giving is an act of displaying your deepest love and appreciation to the special people in your life. When a gift is DIYed, it becomes even more meaningful and memorable to the person receiving it. The best part? DIYing gifts is an activity that people of all ages and genders can enjoy. 

For young children, in particular, activities like crafts and DIYs are proven to improve motor coordination and communication skills. A good enough reason to engage in a fun and enjoyable activity with your kids. 

Although creativity is at the heart of DIYing gifts, creating gifts from scratch requires patience and effort. The end product of all this hard work is the joy and contentment you get to see on your loved one’s face. 

Whether it’s to create unique DIY gifts for friends, DIY gifts for kids, or DIY for adults, there's at least one gift idea here that you’ll promptly want to get busy with. Today we get to look at 20 gift bloggers you need to follow to help bring your wildest creations to life. These gift bloggers introduce a lot of fun yet unique designs with step-by-step guidelines that you can recreate in your own homes.  

Gifts for everyone

Gift bloggers: Gifts for Him and Gifts for Her

Heart Handmade UK

We all know that crafting and DIYing are forms of therapeutic release. Follow Claire from Heart Handmade on her journey of bringing art therapy through crafting. On her blog, you’ll find unlimited craft ideas just by searching the keyword DIY.

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From creating crochet pencil cases, no-sew zipper pencil cases with unconventional materials like plastic bottles to home decor DIY inspired by the ocean, there’s something here that’ll pique your interest. 

The Crafty Gentleman

A DIY blog dedicated to modern craft-loving men. Mainly focused on sewing and papercrafts, this blog will give you a plethora of gifts for men who are ardent craft fans. This blog has it all going on, from creating felt laptop cases to upcycling wood to creating sewing boxes to hold your supplies. 

Looking for gifts for dad, brother, or partner? Look no further than The Crafty Gentleman blog.


My Thrifty Life by Cassie Fairy

If you, like many others, are into the idea of recycling, upcycling or even repurposing old items to crafty bits of gift ideas, you’ll want to check out Cassie Fairy’s blog My Thrifty Life. Many DIY projects on this blog focus on home and decor DIY gifts. 

For all fans of DIY home interiors, this blog gives you so many ideas to try out with friends and family. One exciting project by Cassie features a DIY planter for climbing plants made from repurposed old bedroom furniture. Makes for a thoughtful gift for friends, isn’t it?

unique gitfs


Special occasions in life call for unique gifts. When you run out of gift ideas, why not give your loved ones the gift of their most treasured memory as a 3D photo engraved in a crystal?

InCrystals blog uses advanced technology to create everlasting 2D and 3D laser photo crystals. These are the perfect gifts for mums who like to collect and cherish photo albums of your childhood memories.

Isn’t it also a unique gift idea for family and friends that love to relive their favourite memories? InCrystals works mainly with digital photographs, but you can also get your favourite film photo-etched into a crystal. Engrave a special message onto the crystal gift to make it even more memorable. 

Shelley Makes

Find all kinds of DIY-inspired creations on Shelley’s blog–Shelley Makes. You can also find holiday-inspired DIYs like Halloween decor, origami Easter bunnies, and more, apart from great gift ideas. 

A DIY pro, Shelley has gift ideas ranging from homemade goats milk and honey soaps to miniature wall hanging made from a weaving kit. And her handmade soaps are oh-so-adorable. You must have a look!

gift ideas for kids

Yet another gift idea is handmade candles which she also features as a DIY on her blog. If you feel like you’re running out of gift ideas for a special someone, look no further than Shelley Makes.

Bags of Love

Have you got a friend who consistently fails to keep their plants alive? No matter how hard they try, they struggle to properly water and care for their plant friends. So why not gift them a DIY hand-sewn fabric rose that can add liveliness to their homes minus the added work.

On Bags of Love, you’ll find fun gift ideas to make in the comfort of your own home. Not only will your gifts stand out as unique, but your loved ones will also cherish them for aeons.

Whether you plan to gift your pet a warm, no-sew blanket for winter or create the perfect gift for your mom, Bags of Love have lots of quirky ideas for exceptional and thoughtful gifts.

Crafting Fingers

Be ready to get mindblown by the wide variety of DIY gift ideas on the Crafting Fingers blog. Just by searching the keyword ‘DIY’, you’re in for a treat. 

Gift ideas on Crafting Fingers range from seed bead bracelets, constellation coasters, macrame fringe for the lampshade to handsewn tote bags, and much more.

The best part of this blog is that it doesn’t cater to any specific age group. It encompasses gifts for women, children, teenagers, and men alike. Anyone who’s a fan of crafts, sewing, painting etc., will be able to find just the perfect gift here.

Funny Gift Store

Don’t we all have that one friend or family member who’s always the light of the party? They are funny, quirky, lighthearted, and always ensure that everyone gets a good laugh.

You can now create and customise a unique and special gift for that extraordinary person. With Funny Gift Store, you can print pictures, photo memories or quotes onto mugs, tote bags, T-shirts and experiment with so much more. Give your friend a heartfelt gift and they’ll never forget you.

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Positively Paper Craft

Positively Paper Craft is dedicated to the craft of card making. Unique is the word to describe the creations on this blog. These aren’t your regular everyday cards. Here you’ll find special cards with a twist. Like this father’s day card. It's a cute briefcase easel with a special message on the inside.


Not only are the designs clever and charming, but they also leave a fine impression on the person who receives them. And it’s all done so simply without elaborate tools or supplies. 

The Gingerbread house

Saving the best for the last is the blog by Jenny called The Gingerbread house. It’s an all-encompassing blog full of creative DIY gifts ideas. 

Get ready to be amazed by the vast collection of DIYs and crafts, both for adults and children. The range is expansive and exciting, from a lego brick Halloween costume for your pet to a cute baby Yoda mug warmer for all Star Wars fans.

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Gift bloggers: Gifts for kids

Artisans Leather DIY Kit

What’s better than a DIYed gift? A DIY craft kit. 

Get your kids to move their hands and work their brains as they build out the perfect leather pencil pot. In addition to being beginner-friendly, the craft kit comes with all the necessary leather pieces pre-cut, which means goodbye to dangerous scissors. 

Artisans leathercraft kit is perfect for teenagers interested in sewing or crafting. The only assistance young children will require is sewing the pieces together, which you can use as a perfect occasion to bond with your kids. 

Arty Crafty Kids

A blog devoted to the growing mind, Arty Crafty Kids has the perfect gifts for children experiencing crafting for the first time. All their craft ideas are designed to be extremely safe yet fun.

Take birthdays, for instance. Birthday cards are a great way to mark and celebrate the occasion. Get your kids to create a polar bear pop-up card for their best friend’s birthday. As an adult, you’re also sure to have a lot of fun assisting your little ones to create a stunning handmade gift. 

gift idea for kids

Big Life Journal Blog

Big Life Journal Blog offers the best of all worlds. The blog caters to a broad audience of parents, teenagers and young kids. They also have many blog posts on great gift ideas that you can give children depending on the age group.  

Not only DIY, but the team at Big Life Journal likes to embrace the idea of cultivating a growth mindset in children of all age groups. 

The satisfaction and happiness that comes from DIYing are unrivalled. For instance, take a look at this blog post featuring unique craft ideas for children. From beaded bracelets, mini zen gardens, painted flowerpots to storybooks, kids can find what they are drawn to and build it. Plus, your kids get to experience a sense of achievement from crafting with their own two hands. 

Kids Craft Room

Kids Craft Room is a blog dedicated to young children who love to create. You’ll come across many holiday-inspired DIY gift and decor ideas on this blog. 

Our favourite unique idea on the blog are the Galaxy Inspired Shoes. With minimal supplies that include colourful Sharpie pens and rubbing alcohol, kids can give a whole new makeover to their shoes. Apart from being completely personalised, your kids can flaunt their unique designs on their feet wherever they go.

Red Ted Art

‘Cute and Easy Crafts for kids.’ is how Maggy from Red Ted Art describes her blog. You’ll find an entire page dedicated to gift ideas just for preschool kids. Red Ted Art mainly focuses on paper crafts that begin with holiday decorations and go all the way to fun card ideas. You’ll find an entire page dedicated to gift ideas just for preschool kids. 

It’s also a great way to introduce little children to the craft of origami. With the wide variety of origami animals gift ideas, children of all ages are sure to be hooked to this art form.


If you’re a teenager looking for functional decor gift ideas that are fun to make and elegant to display, then look no further than this blog. Create and gift a unique item like a pom-pom mouse pad or DIY phone case with nail polish to a friend. 

Maybe you’re interested in building a DIY cloud lights display to decorate your room or a unique geometric lamp made entirely out of clothes pegs. Whatever crazy fun ideas you want to bring to life, DIY Joy can help you with it.

gift for kids

Kids Activities

Gifting children and little kids can be a hard process sometimes. Young kids want to get involved in everything and can also be picky at times. On Kids Activities blog, you’ll find everything you need to keep your toddler busy. 

Parents can also find great DIY craft project ideas to do with their kids. Learn the different ways to make quirky dolls or clay crafts. Get colouring pages to aid your kids colour perception. Or make fruit-scented sugar scrubs with your kids to tingle their olfactory senses. Fun, isn’t it?

Happy Hooligans

The wonderful thing about DIY gifts is that you can turn a few inexpensive craft supplies into something elegant and pleasing to the eyes. Jackie from Happy Hooligans use everyday materials like tissue paper and paper plates to create holiday ornaments, Nutcracker themed trinkets, and celebration cards.

A unique find among these DIY ideas is a homemade bird feeder made entirely out of cardboard. A great way to teach kids the beauty of nature and animals around us and at the same time get them to make making something that they can cherish for a long time to come. 

craft gifts for kids

DIY Projects for Teens

The next time you want to gift a teenager a holiday gift, take a look at the DIY ideas that range from fun to functional. Teens enjoy gifts like a pair of earrings they can rock with their favourite outfit, embroidery adorned on jackets, or even room decor that brings out their creativity and personality.

Not only are these crafts simple enough, but they are also an excellent artistic expression for teens. Trust us, teenagers love personalised gifts that are affordable and practical.

You must take a look at the hip and stylish tassel earrings on this blog. The best part is that they are made entirely out of less than 5 craft supplies that are readily available at your nearby craft store.


Bugs and Fishes by Lupin

To round off this list of DIY gift ideas, here’s Bugs and Fishes–a fun and artsy blog that kids of all ages will enjoy. 

Ever wanted to DIY cute hair accessories for your little one? How about a daffodil headband or colourful butterfly hair clips made out of felt? 

From unique brooches to mini felt stuffed animals (perfect play gift for your pet!) there are plenty of fun gift idea options up on this blog. 

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DIY Gifts and Artisans Craft kits

Regardless of age and gender, craft kits help elevate gift-giving to a whole new level. Experience in a box is the best way to describe DIY Craft kits. It’s a universal gift idea for times when you’re in a gift choosing funk. 

Not only is it a fun activity to engage in, but DIYs are also creativity at its peak. The pursuit of crafting and DIYing is a unique experience that creates everlasting memories with your loved ones. 

Artisans craft kit for creating a simple cardholder is an excellent example. Not only is it a unique gift, but the personalisation option leaves the gift with a special charm. It’s an affordable gift option to help you create a premium leather cardholder that your loved ones will timelessly cherish.

Maybe you’re a veteran DIY enthusiast or feel like a new fish in the sea of crafting. Nonetheless, craft kits allow you to enjoy the experience to the fullest without doubting your capabilities. Crafts kits like these are designed to cater to people of all experience levels. Not to mention, that’s also the charm that makes it a great gift.

Final Words

Remember, gift-giving is so much more than just spending a large chunk of money on items that may or may not be useful to someone. It hits different when you put thought into crafting the perfect gift for your loved ones. Use this article as a guide the next time you’re searching for a great DIY gift idea.

If this is the first time you’re planning to DIY a gift, then make your loved ones feel special with Artisans leathercraft kits. Craft kits are the perfect blend of experience and quality. 

With the steps laid out and all tools provided in the Artisans craft kit, you can experience the joy of gift making along with your loved ones. A core bonding experience you don’t want to miss out on.