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20 Best Easter Gifts for Everyone | Gift Ideas For Easter

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20 Best Easter Gifts for Everyone | Gift Ideas For Easter

Easter is wonderful to spend rejuvenating time with your friends and family. It also calls for generous gift exchanges among your friends and family groups. However, since it's not Christmas, most people prefer getting chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs for the Easter egg hunt. But that has become a thing of the past. More and more Easter gifts are launching in the markets to help you choose only the best for your loved ones. These gifts are also affordable and will not break your bank. 

Choosing gifts is quite easy. Think about their likes, dislikes, and hobbies. You can base your gifts on these cues. Or, you can take the DIY path and create Easter craft gifts for them. DIY craft Easter gift experience is comparatively better than buying a readymade gift from the market. It's because easter craft gifts show that you've put your time and effort into creating a meaningful gift for those who matter the most.

But, we also understand that you may not have the time to create these gifts as it's also one of the busiest times of the year. That's precisely why this list contains both- readymade gifts and craft ideas for easter gifts to help you enhance your easter weekend experience. (The link for some of these items in the list are at the bottom of the article).

Easter gifts for adults 

Bunny soaps

Everyone loves designer self-care gifts. These small pastel bunny soaps are sure to bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones. To begin with, the shape of these soaps is like little bunnies with minimalistic design cues on them. They are handmade and use all-natural ingredients. As a result, these soaps are vegan friendly and are a great gift idea for the vegan friends in your circle. These little bunnies come in sets of 4 packaged in recyclable cellophane with a little bow. Warm, isn't it? The soaps carry a mild jelly bean scent. Even the pastel colour of these soaps comes from colourant mica minerals instead of dye, which large-scale soap manufacturers use. Finally, the shelf life of the soap is around 1 year, so you don't have to worry about them going bad sitting in your giftee's bathroom closet. 

Easter-themed bath bombs gift set 

This self-care gift will be pretty popular with people that like taking long hot baths. This gift set carries 12 bath bombs, and each one has a different scent. All the bath bombs are handcrafted using premium quality natural ingredients and will not stain your tub. Since these are moisturising bath bombs, they are more suited for people with normal and dry skin. The overall packaging is quite appealing, and each bath bomb is also tightly wrapped to prevent moisture from ruining the product. After you throw these in the tub, the smaller ones fizzle for a couple of minutes, and larger ones last somewhere around 5 to 6 minutes. The 12 scents in the package are black raspberry, vanilla, angel, kiwi & strawberry, fun on the beach, fun in the shower, lemongrass repent tea, love, lavender, mango, melon ball, papaya, shea & coconut, and victorian rose. 

Lemon treat gift crate

If you don't have the time to handpick individual items to create a gift basket for your favourite person, this easter gift idea is for you. You can order the lemon treat gift crate filled to the brim with goodies and snacks with a single click. This crate contains 6 lemon shortbread cookies and 4 lemon-filled flower cutout cookies to bring zesty freshness to their lives. There are also 2 raspberry shortbread cookies for a change of taste. Coming back to the lemony theme, the crate contains lemon drops and Rieme sparkling lemonade. Finally, the crate has caramel popcorns and fruit salad gummies to take care of those midnight cravings during the easter weekend. All this stuff comes neatly packaged in a wooden crate that makes it one of the better easter gifts ideas. 

Easter-themed tie

Since most companies were working remotely, it's highly unlikely that most office-goers refreshed their formal wardrobes. This Easter, gift your office buddy a bunny-themed tie to make them excited to return to their workplace and show off their new wardrobe. This pink tie contains small hares and tortoises racing across the pink background as a nod to the classic fable. To give that premium feel, the designers decided to use silk. It's a fun gift, and anyone who wears it will stand out from the crowd. However, if you want to delve deeper into philosophies, you can tell them that while it's good to be patient like a tortoise, sometimes you need to run like a hare to meet office deadlines. You can include this tie in your crafty easter baskets.

Easter gifts for kids 

Slime easter eggs

Nothing gets kids more excited than slime. These easter slime balls will make a great addition to the easter egg hunt for kids. The slime in these plastic eggshells is fun to play with and does not stick to the hands. You kids will enjoy stretching and moulding these over and over again. The manufacturers also promise that these don't tear when stretched. However, we recommend storing it back in the plastic eggs after playtime is over. If not, they'll dry out. Also, these slimes are scented and will not make your kids feel icky. However, this is not a toy for kids below the age of 3 as it can be a choking hazard. These are great gift items for egg hunts, schoolgoers, carnival prizes, and candy bag goodies. 

It's not easy being a bunny (an easter themed book for kids)

If you want to gift an educational easter gift, this book will teach your kids a lot about life. Dr. Seuss created this beginner book. Since this is a beginner book, it's easy to read, understand, and the concepts are simple to grasp. The story is about P.J. Funnybunny, a rabbit who has become sick of his ears and eating carrots. It goes on adventures and meets with its other friends and thinks about changing lives with them. The funny bunny realises that he wants nothing more than to be himself by that time. It's a great book to teach your kids to cherish their unique traits and celebrate their identities. You can also add the follow-up book to your gift basket and double the excitement for your kids. 

Dino egg dig kit

Dino eggs combine education with fun. The dino egg dig kit comes with a dozen eggs that can be directly gifted to your kid or used as props in your backyard Easter egg hunt. The kit includes 12 chisels and cleaning brushes to make your children feel like real archaeologists. Within each egg, there is a different dinosaur. The kit also contains corresponding info cards with all the history and details of that particular dinosaur. Uncovering the dinosaurs from the egg is perfect for individual playtime and group activities. This kit will excite your kid's love for science, especially palaeontology. The kit also comes with a detailed instructions guide to help the kids and parents find their way around this toy. Including dino eggs in your crafty easter gift basket will send your kid's excitement through the roof. 

Stuffed toys

You can never go wrong with getting a stuffed toy for your kids. This stuffed teddy bear is simple, cuddly, and comes with a little bunny stitched to its arms. This particular teddy has multiple variants to choose from, but they are not customisable. Many eCommerce websites offer customisable easter bunny stuffed toys. These websites allow you to stitch your kids' names and other accessories like dresses and clips. 

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Easter gifts for her

Ceramic egg decorations

Why should hanging ornaments be restricted to Christmas? These ceramic egg decorations are perfect for decorating your living or dining room for those easter brunches. Or, you can use them to decorate the backyard for an Easter egg hunt. These are porcelain eggs, and you must handle them with care. They also come in a set of twelve, so even if you were to break one, you'd still have spares. Each egg carries unique hand-painted designs and hangs from sturdy ribbons. The ceramic Easter eggs are 2 inches in diameter and come in a sleek packaging box. So, after Easter, storing them should be easy. 

Designer Dessert plates

Designer dessert plates are a great easter present idea for women that love china and love to display the extensive plate collection. Even though these are supposed to be dessert plates, in reality, the Wiener Werkstätte plate should be put up on your mantles as a home decor item. You can also include them in your easter gift baskets. The dessert dishes are 8 inches in diameter and made from sturdy porcelain. The plates are also dishwasher friendly. The plate also comes with the message "Frohe Ostern", which is German for Happy Easter. The plates are adorned with kaleidoscopic lithography of chicks and flowers. These particular details have been picked from Maria Pranke's permanent collection in the Mets Museum. The design was a part of the design collective called the Wiener Werkstätte, or Vienna Workshops, from 1909. 

Garden tool salad set 

The garden tool salad set is perfect for the women who love their backyard gardens and their greens on plates. The garden tool farm set is a whimsical gift that can become a topic of conversation at the brunch tables. The salad spoon resembles a shovel, while a pitchfork design is used for the forks. The shovel is to dig into your salads and serve them to your guests, and the pitchfork is perfect for tossing your favourite salad with your secret dressing. The salad set is 11 inches long and should be oiled annually with mineral oil to increase its longevity. However, be careful who you choose to gift this to. Some might love this, while others might find it tacky.

Do Son Eau De Parfum

Diptyque Paris, a famed perfume designer, has launched their new fragrance collection just in time for Easter. If you can't think of any craft ideas for Easter, you can add this to your easter gift baskets for the ladies in your life. Yves Coueslant, the perfume designer, used his summers spent in Do Son to inspire the fragrance. The olfactory notes smell like tuberose, Orange Blossom and Jasmine. The combination of these three also generates an amber wood-like smell. The limited-edition perfume bottles are encased in turquoise to evoke the raw materials' freshness and the seashore. 

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Easter gifts for teens 

DIY Photo Clips strings

Pleasing teens can be quite challenging. But, if you know the current trends that are famous amongst that age group, you can craft something to impress them. Almost every other home decor social media post of teens' bedrooms either has RGB LED lights or photo clip string. In this DIY easter craft, you'll be combining the two to create a wonderful gift for those temperamental teens. You need a jute string, led lights, clothespins, and a polaroid style photo printout. Use glue to attach the led lights to the string. Or, you can intertwine them to make it look more appealing. Finally, clip the polaroid images on the string using the clothespins. Your DIY easter present for your teens is ready. 

DIY henna tattoos kits 

It's quite well-known that teens create tattoos on their arms using permanent markers and those stick-on tattoos, but these tattoos fade away too soon. Why not gift them something a little bit more permanent, yet temporary? The DIY henna tattoo kit makes that perfect gift for these teens. This might be seen as one of the more unusual crafts gifts for Easter. You can buy DIY kits from any crafts store and gift them directly on Easter. These kits come with stencils and a tube of henna. If not a tube, it'll come with ingredients that you can combine to make the solution. Also, henna is a natural product without any artificial chemicals so that it won't harm or affect their skins. Now, let your teens' imagination run amok and create designs on their bodies that will last for weeks and then fade away. 

DIY earrings set

If your teens love DIY crafts and dressing up, you can combine the two by gifting them a DIY earring set. DIY earring sets are not Easter exclusive gifts, but you can get them with bunny add-ons to keep them Easter-themed. Most of these DIY kits come with metal loops, strings, hooks, pliers, beads, tassels, and everything else one could need to create the earrings for themselves. These sets also come with easy-to-follow instruction manuals to get them started. The teens also can browse the internet to find more attractive designs. They can also customise their wardrobes with their handmade accessories. 

Easter gifts for boys

DIY Easter egg decorator kit

The DIY Easter Egg decorator kit has an egg spinner and 8 non-toxic markers. The kit helps your child make innovative and endless designs without messy dyes and colour paints. The egg spinner constantly spins the eggs, and the boys only have to put the tip of their markers on the eggs to design them. However, the design capabilities are not only limited to the markers. If you're ready to clean up the mess, you can use poster colours, watercolours, dyes, sketch pens, crayons, and pencil colourings to paint the eggshells. The versatility of these gifts makes them one of the better arts and crafts for kids. This can be a fun family activity just before the day of Easter. The markers are designed specifically for this kit, so no vinegar is required to dry them. This contraception requires 4 AA batteries to run, which are not included in the packaging. 

Game controller easter chocolate

This one is specifically for the boys who love gaming and watching streamers in their spare time. The controller looks like a mix of Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo classic controllers. Of course, every controller part is entirely edible except for the packaging. The pointer navigation buttons use white chocolates. In contrast, the other action buttons use chocolate marbles. The controller chocolate contains traces of Hazelnuts. Therefore, it's better to check the allergies of your boys before getting this for them. This is one of the better alternatives for the boring easter eggs and will most definitely be popular with boys with gaming addiction. 

Bunny farts

Let's be honest; fart jokes were the funniest jokes when we were kids. And, it has not changed even now. Cotton candy bunny farts are a prank easter present that will get your boys rolling on the floor laughing. The packaging is humorous and quirky. Even the writing on the packaging is witty. Inside the bag, you'll find small clouds of one of the tastiest cotton candies you'll ever have. This Easter gift is fun as well as delicious.

Unique gifts for crafters 

Artisans Plant hanger leather kit

leather plant hanger

If you want to gift something genuinely creative to your family and friends, this Artisans leather kit is for you. The DIY kit will keep your close ones engaged during their free weekends. The crafts made from this kit are also very high quality and add to the aesthetics of your home. The kits include everything you need to create the plant hanger. Moreover, the leather comes pre-cut hence it can be great arts and crafts for kids. To complete this project, you must attach the leather strips using the metal rings (also included in the kit). Wrap it around your plant pots and hang them around your living room. The leather DIY kit can also become an engaging summer craft for adults.

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Final Words 

You can buy all the gifts mentioned above individually or experiment with easter crafts for gift baskets this year. Artisans' crafts kits make it easier to innovate gift baskets usually filled with chocolates and generic easter eggs. Gift your loved ones with DIY craft gifts this Easter with Artisans and see their eyes light up.