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10 Fun Hobby ideas for Women

hobbies for women

10 Fun Hobby ideas for Women

The importance of mental health and well-being is at the forefront, more than ever before. The onset of the pandemic has reiterated our indulgence in monotonous work schedules that have entirely disrupted our work-life balance. 

Mindfulness has gone amiss in today’s times which is why pursuing a hobby has become essential now more than ever. Hobbies are immersive experiences that recalibrate our energy and play a massive role in our well-being and good health. These hobbies also act as a means to filter out any external stress-inducing thoughts. Easy to understand why are hobbies important. 

Thus, these hobby ideas for women. 

Let’s dive into the rejuvenating list of hobbies for women to pursue.

List of hobbies for women

Here’s a list of hobbies for women to help them stimulate a state of mindfulness. Read on to find out more about these activities. 


The world has so much to offer, and chances are that we can’t even experience it all during our lifetime. The more you explore, the more avenues open up for you. With time, the hospitality and travelling setup has evolved, and today it has become relatively easy to travel around the world. Not only easy, but solo travel is also safer than ever before, which has been reiterated by the fact that the number of solo women travellers is on the rise. So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets today and explore the world. 


Collecting your favourite stuff is a fun and therapeutic activity to pursue. The best part about forming collections is that you don’t have to limit yourself to anything. You can build a collection of anything that you like. Stamps, historical artefacts, paintings, different currency notes are popular choices, but there’s no one restricting you. You can collect anything that brings you happiness and fascinates you. As humans, we’re hardwired to be inclined towards unique materials. It’s a trait that’s inbuilt within most of us, so rather than suppressing it, we must embrace it. 


Whenever a woman talks about taking up biking as a hobby, people start to question her choices. It’s a shame that we’ve stereotyped such a thrilling activity with a single-gender. Names like Marie Costello and Laia Sanz are revolutionary in biking who’re helping inspire other women from all around the world to pursue their passion for biking. 



If you haven’t tried it already, leathercrafting is a hobby that you must take up. It provides a very hands-on DIY activity that requires your utmost concentration and will provide for an immersive experience. Additionally, leathercrafting will filter out all external thoughts. And during the activity, you’ll be one with your base leather and stitching needles.


Journaling is an extension of writing that has always remained underrated as a hobby. However, this is one activity that you must take up. It’s a practical exercise in which you write your thoughts and experiences during your day, which helps stimulate you into a state of mindfulness. Writing your thoughts and experiences on a piece of paper gives you a better understanding of your thought process and enables you to revisit your feelings. With this introspection, you’ll gain insights into the areas you lack and thrive in. Because isn’t life always about being the best version of yourself?

Creating music

Indulging in creating music is just as therapeutic and soulful as listening to music. In fact, with technological advancements in the past years, you can take up the process of creating music from the comfort of your home. Your phone definitely will have an app for the same. Additionally, creating music will help you address your feelings and help vent out your emotions. It’s thus a therapeutic hobby to take up. 


Written or spoken poetry is another beautiful hobby to take up, especially for writers. It encourages you to pen down a few lines based on your prior experiences or imaginations. Not only that, it helps you address your current state of mind and enables you to deal with subdued feelings and emotions.


For some people, fitness is a necessity, but for some, it’s an emotion. Yoga forms the perfect hobby if you’re looking to achieve a state of mindfulness while boosting your physical and mental well-being. It’s an activity that you can take up during any time of the day. We promise it’s going to make you feel alive and connected to your surroundings.  


Being in and around nature is a soothing exercise that everyone must experience firsthand. The experience of moving outdoors and exploring nature, going up mountain tops, and witnessing the excellent views that lay ahead is something that words can’t describe. We highly encourage you to take up this activity as a hobby.


Are you someone who loves flowers, greenery, and plants? Then why not take up gardening as a hobby. It provides a calming effect when you plant a new sapling and helps take your mind off your work while you’re immersed in the activity. Gardening as an activity is highly relaxing and satiating and is the perfect hobby to take up in your spare time, especially if you have a backyard at home. 

Leather crafting as a hobby

The purpose of this article is not only informative, but it also is an attempt to break through the stereotypes towards women. The activities mentioned above complement the personality of the female gender; free of biases, fun-loving, and, yes, adventurous. Our women colleagues, friends, and family alike should take up hobbies that interest them rather than succumbing to the stereotypical notions developed in our society. 

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