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10 Creative Ways To Reuse The Rest Of Your Leather Craft Kit!

10 Creative Ways To Reuse The Rest Of Your Leather Craft Kit!

Congratulations on finishing your leather craft kit! What will you make next?

Click here to look for new leather craft kit inspiration.

In the meantime, whilst waiting for the next project to arrive, why not have some fun with the remaining pieces in your craft kit? If you don’t like waste, here's some simple ideas for how you can put the rest of your kit to good use…

1. Decorate your desk.

Binder clips can be used for all sorts! You could use them as a bookmark or to simply clip loose sheets together.

Use your binder clip to hold a photo on your desk or for holding place names at a party. You could even embroider their names onto the canvas cloth and clip in place if you want to be a bit fancy.

2. Organise your headphones.

Neatly wind up those pesky wires and clip them in place with a binder clip.

3. Try bookbinding.

Wax thread is a key component in bookmaking as well as leathercraft. If you have some left over wax thread, you can use it in a bookbinding project. Look here for some simple bookbinding inspiration.

4. Craft a leather keyring.

Did you spot it, wrapped up in the wax thread like a spool? If not have a look now. We have included an additional entry-level kit for you to enjoy, including everything that you need to craft it. Find out more about how to make your leather keyring here.

leather craft

5. Create a bracelet.

Wax thread is also really practical for jewellery making as it’s very strong. Get creative by reusing beads from an unworn necklace to create something new or add it to the kids jewellery craft box for them to use.

6. Embroider a gift tag.

Embroider a name onto the canvas cloth, attach some thread or a ribbon and you have yourself a reusable and recycled gift tag.

7. Create a collage.

You could use the various textures and colours from the tissue paper, card and canvas cloth in part of a collage. We saw some lovely collaged pages that @--- had created in her journal using pieces of our packaging and notes.

leather craft
Collage by @bronteswannick
artisans DIY craft kits
Collage by @bronteswannick

8. Create a strap for your kit.

You could use what is left of your wax thread to plait a strap for your Card Holder. If you have attached the loop and the D-ring, you will have a loop where you can attach a strap. You could use the knotting method used for friendship bracelets, as found here.

9. Wrap up a gift.

If you have crafted the leather kit in order to create someone a unique gift, why not save yourself a bit of time by reusing the blue tissue paper to wrap their gift? If you are going to treasure the make yourself, put aside the paper and reuse it another time.

DIY Gifts

10. Put aside for future projects.

Whether it’s another leather craft project of your own making or a future sewing project, you now have plenty of useful little knickknacks. You have sewing needles, thread, binder clips and canvas cloths – sure to come in handy at some point!

How will you reuse your leather craft kit?

We'd love to find out so why not let us know? Share your finished kit with us by tagging us on Instagram or emailing us at