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10 Best Italian Leather Stores To Visit When In Rome

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10 Best Italian Leather Stores To Visit When In Rome

When talking about fashion, leather is an indispensable term. We need premium-quality, durable leather to make today’s great fashion products, ranging from footwear to handbags. 

The fashion industry widely accepts Italian leather as one of the most premium leathers used to manufacture these products. 

One of the most distinctive characteristics that make Italian leather stand out is its natural process of dying. The process involves tree bark and vegetable tannins giving it the subtleties and texture that other grades of leather can’t match.

Apart from fashion, Italian leather is the petrol for several other industries like furniture, automobile, and luggage manufacturing. This is due to its imperishability, low maintenance, and aesthetics.  

If you’re someone who’s into the leathercrafting niche or simply appreciates craftsmanship, we’ve put together some of the oldest leather stores in Rome that you must visit. 

These ten leather stores are the best places to buy leather in Rome and convey the rich history of artisanship associated with Italy. And emphasize how the leathercrafting processes of these places differ from those around the world.

Alfieri Roma 

Established in the 1960s, Alfieri Roma is one of the oldest leather stores of the Piazza del Popolo in Rome. Alfieri family runs this leather store in Rome. And is one of the most pristine destinations in Italy plus among the best places to buy leather in Rome. 

The Alfieri leather store Rome offers such a plethora of leather products that you are spoilt for choice as soon as you enter the premises. From leather jackets to wallets and purses, the Alfieri Roma is home to all leather products. Each product from the store comes with a lifetime guarantee that reiterates the leather products’ pristine quality. 


Located in Margutta, the Puntopelle is famous for its exquisite range of leather products, especially leather jackets and handbags. The 4th generation of the family runs the leather shop in Rome.

And the store owner is committed to providing quality products with leathercrafting designs and techniques that their ancestors heartily invested in. 

Thus, you can expect premium leathercraft products that ooze elegance and authenticity. Every stitch reflects the finesse with which these products were made. 


Located in Piazza Barberini, Grecale provides you with one of the most wholesome leathercrafting shopping experiences in Rome. They boast an array of exquisite handmade leather products like handbags, wallets, shoes, belts, keyrings and even travel accessories. 

Such is the demand of their products that Grecale outsources their products to international destinations like Canada, the USA, Australia, and Europe. 

Do visit the establishment if you’re looking for a range of premium handmade leather products for men. As Grecale is known for its immaculate men’s leather product collection. 

Gerard Leather 

Situated in the heart of Rome, near Trevi Fountain, Gerard Leather strikes the perfect balance between price, quality, and design. 

The quality offered by the classical range of leather jackets and handbags at the store not only meets your expectations but supersede them. 

Thus, if you’re looking for premium but competitively priced leather products, visit this store. The quality of their leather products will surely enthral you.

Del Giudice Roma 

Founded in 1959, the Del Giudice Roma is a leather store that has played an enormous role in making the phrase “made in Italy” symbolic of elegance and premium quality.

It has a legacy outstanding for more than 50 years. And the second generation of its Founders currently manages the store.

The store offers a wide range of premium leather products ranging from travel bags, belts, and wallets to purses and tote bags. We highly recommend you to visit this store if you’re in Rome to experience authentic leathercrafting at its finest. 

La Sella Roma 

The La Sella Roma is a leather store that has integrated custom designs into its leathercraft products. Looking for a leather product that has a personality of its own? This leather store located near the Trevi fountain is a must-visit. 

A staff member guides you through the entire selection process. And thus, a visit to the store is more of a learning experience than a shopping experience.

Schegge: The First Italia Leather Factory 

One of the first leather stores in Italy, the Schegge embodies what indigenous leather craftsmanship is all about. Its products reflect the time and efforts that artisans have put into creating a leathercrafting masterpiece. Every stitch of leather is taut. And the front of their leather products has a distinctive glow that adds to the aesthetics of the product. 

Thus, if you’re looking for premium handcrafted leather products, Schegge is the place to visit. 


Since its conception in 1946, Moreschi has built a brand of its own with persistence and a desire to manufacture new leather products.

They have various outlets worldwide. But one can indulge in an unparalleled immersive experience only at their store located in Fratttina, Rome. 

This store provides a range of premium men’s and women’s leather footwear. The design and quality highlight the Italian heritage and leather craftsmanship. 

Moreschi provides a holistic leather shopping experience under one roof. That's from loafers, lace-ups, boots, and sneakers to pristine handbags and belts.

Ibiz Roma 

While strolling around the narrow streets of Rome, in the area around Campo Dei Fiori, the scent of authentic leather products will draw you to the Ibiz Roma.

With leather procured from the tanneries of Tuscany, Ibiz provides you with a leathercrafting experience unlike any other. 

Upon visiting the store, Elisa Nepi, the daughter of the founders, will warmly welcome you. Over the past years, she has continued to design and manufacture premium handcrafted leather products. Your relationship with the store continues even post your purchase of their products.  

Ibiz never fails to keep in touch with its clients. They are known to offer free servicing of their leather products if the need arises.

Mancini Leather 

In Rome, you can find Mancini Leather store right behind the iconic touristic attraction, the Pantheon, in Via Della Palombella. Its founder, Riccardo Mancini, carries on his family craftsmanship tradition started in 1918 with premium handmade leather goods.

If anything, the leather collection is reflective of one fact. And what's that? These elegant and timeless leather products are the result of the aged wisdom and experiences invested in its manufacturing.

The handmade and limited production gives the collection a unique character. The selection of leather combined with his long-term experience guarantees the superior quality of all the products. And of course the long life of Mancini’s purses, briefcases, and travel bags.

Final words...

If you were looking for the best places to buy leather in Rome, we hope your search has concluded well. The culture and craftsmanship of Italy that has pivoted around leathercrafting for centuries. And the above-listed leather stores in Rome are a handful of establishments that embrace that. Further, the second or third generations of the family manage all these stores. This shows the conviction and connection that the youth share with the old and traditional methods of leathercrafting. 

Visit these leather stores in Rome to experience the origins of leathercrafting. And indulge in an experience that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. 

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